Mr. Morro Krubally of UTG has refused to do any official handing over after being sacked by the Jammeh Government, covered by Omar Jah and Momodou Jain.

Hi Editor, I am a law student at UTG. It is a well known fact that the person in question was sometimes sacked from UTG by PMO for participating in the mass auctioning of government vehicles, for which he is also currently standing trial at the Magistrate Court.

What really baffles me was even after his sacking, Morro Krubally failed to officially hand over to UTG Management. My investigations revealed that the man is a crony of Omar Jah who should have formally written to the later to hand over the UTG materials in his possession. Jah however never took such a responsibility, instead assuring the man that he would make a comeback, as Minister Senghore is working hand in gloves with the NIA to ensure Morro’s reinstatement. Jain also jumped into the mix to toe Jah’s line in this regard.

As a result, Morro could be seen enjoying UTG facilities such as his former office, the UTG mobile and sim card (CUG) etc, therefore adding communication cost to UTG, under the false pretext that he is now a part time lecturer, Can you imagine! A non- staff is putting extra resource constraint on the institution.

Furthermore, Morro even hijacked UTG wheel barrow to construct his story building, and is still holding unto it. Is this how UTG properties are handled? Lol I wish I am also part of the UTG family. Haha!

However, the wider connotation is that Morro is defying Government’s orders to go packing and this is being aided and abetted by the newly found Jah/Jain dynasty, a dynasty which is hell bent on destroying the so-called enemies of theirs by using the new Vice chancellor. Time will tell.

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