I Won’t Decide For You; The Power Is With You

At times we get so frustrated that the only way we can heal ourselves is by exploding, and letting the pain out. Overtime I have seen the amount of insults, disrespectful attitudes, and mostly threats aimed at my father, and  my family all in the name of politics. It is unwise of me to make certain statements knowing how hard I tried to avoid saying anything that had to do with my dad’s job. Many have even requested for me to try to set up interviews, but I didn’t want to violate protocol of doing things wrongly, knowing that I shouldn’t be treated any different from anyone going through the right channels. I have heard from many that the IEC is not Independent or credible, but I did all I could to make sure that there is transparency by sharing any related posts that had to do with Press conferences, panel discussions, registration processes, training the media, training the security, and engagements with the Opposition, launching of the new website only to give more information about how hard the IEC is working to make sure that there is free, fair, and transparent elections this December. I have tried to stay away from making comments that would have anything to do with my dad’s job, and kept that promise for quite some time. However, after the nominations of the three parties contesting, I decided to realize that no matter what I or others did, some already have a narrative that it is never going to be credible in their eyes. I have shared the Coalition  Opposition videos, and GDC Party videos. Also anything related to them on GRTS. I have also done so with the Ruling Party for the spirit of fairness, but as expected, I received many insults etc.  So, once I saw more death threats and our failure to act responsibly by condemning such actions, I decided to take it to myself that I am going to predict the outcome; as I did in January 2016.

I do not hold any super natural powers, and don’t know what the future holds. I said what I said out of anger, and frustration. Please go and vote, because it’s your fundamental rights to choose who you want to lead you. Whatever I said was based on my analysis, but it doesn’t mean it will end up that way. However, even if I am right, many people did say so that the Incumbent would win. For those who disagree know that it is your right to do so, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard. We must realize that “Gambians will come and go, but Gambia shall remain way before we are gone,” as a respectable friend once told me.

The big prize we are all yearning for is to be accepted into Heaven by God’s grace, and we all know life is a short journey. Well, if I was tipped off by anyone regarding my predictions like many are saying, then may I never enter Paradise. God is my witness, and I have no reason to jeopardize my entire life for being dishonest. Damage has been done to those who already had hoped, but I sincerely ask that you find some space in your hearts to forgive me for hurting you. We may not all say the smartest things out there, but to err is human. Everyone has a right to exercise their fundamental rights as citizens, and your vote matters. Go and vote for your choice, and know that I was just frustrated, and disappointed by our politics on social media, and on air, but that should not change your intentions of voting for the candidate you want. I was insensitive to plights of many not realizing the weight of my tongue. For many, no matter what I do, they have already decided what they will do. There are also those who will never acknowledge the hard work many are doing at the IEC to make sure that the majority of Gambians decide the outcome of the results.

At the end of it all, my words are mine to own, and I take full responsibility for my actions. I am one single individual who cannot even vote at this point in time due to my location, and that voter registration has ended since September 29th, 2016.

The future of the Gambia is in your hands Gambians. You shall decide who your President shall be, and no amount of words or videos should stop you from voting. I sincerely apologize for giving anyone sleepless nights knowing that change is what you yearn for. For those who don’t want change, know that I was wrong for overreacting, and that I should always be mindful that at times speaking the truth could also hurt, and alienate others from taking part in the process. For all those leaders seeking the votes of your people, work hard and try to earn every single vote. The power belongs to the people, and God has placed that power in the hands of those who are elected by, of, and for the people. I do this not to stop the amount of insults, or threats coming my way or my families because it is nothing new, but to rectify the blunder I did by going with my emotions.

I hope that one fine day we would elevate our Politics, and stop the personal attacks, but debate issues constructively without demonizing one another. Above all, don’t let anyone tell you what the outcome should be, but make sure you give it your all to get the result you want. May the best person for our beloved Gambia win the majority of Gambians, and may peace prevail! May those we have lost rest in the heavens, and may justice guide our actions towards the common good! May Allah forgive us for our shortcomings, and may we learn to forgive one another!!!

Go out and Vote December 1st, 2016. I won’t decide for you, but you shall decide who your leader should be!! Focus, and see Gambia instead of me!!! The Gambia is greater than any individual, group, party, status, or tribe. The power belongs to you, and Allah is the almighty who knows best.

Written By M.Njai

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