Things doesn’t look good for dictator Yahya Jammeh! Jammeh is beginning to reconcile with the fact that force or intimidation of the citizenry doesn’t last. He also understands that loyalty cannot be bought. Jammeh is now looking at folks in the face by telling that he knows that not all the people who smile or pray for him love him.

JAMMEH IS SICKIn Farafenni, something weird happened during Jammeh’s poorly attended meeting. The local Imam, was invited to the podium to pray for Jammeh and the country. The Imam was tasked to oversee the prayers that will open the meeting.

During his speech, Jammeh told the Imam that he is possibly one of those Gambians, who pretends to be praying for him (Jammeh) when he the (Imam) despises him. Jammeh questioned the Imam’s loyalty and love towards him. Almost everyone was taken aback by Jammeh’s latest abnormal behavior.

“I know that you do not like me. You are just pretending to be praying for me. There are people in this country, who pretended to love me, when they hate me. I think you are one of those who dislikes me,” Jammeh told the Imam.

GRTS cameras should capture Jammeh’s soundbite threatening the poor Farafenni Imam. Our agents were on the ground when Jammeh falsely accuses the Imam of hating on him. This is sad and pathetic Gambia. 

Folks, Jammeh’s conduct towards the Imam, was not only unethical, but threatening. How dare can he accused the Imam of being hateful towards him, when he doesn’t even know the Imam. This was the Imam of Farafenni Jammeh embarrassed in the presence of his security aides and the public.  

The people of Farafenni have demonstrated that they are done with Jammeh and the APRC. Jammeh couldn’t attract the locals at his meeting. He was very frustrated. He briefly addressed the meeting and retires at a hostel opposite the Farafenni army barracks. 

Balla Jahumpa, AKA Action Man, was equally disappointed by the low public turnout in Farafenni. Balla and his team were repeatedly cursed out by Jammeh shortly after the meeting ended. Some heads will roll within the APRC in coming hours. 

Jammeh has accused them of not doing a good job when it comes to maintaining the APRC support base. The majority of the APRC supporters have defected to the newly formed opposition party, The Gambia Democratic Party GDC. GDC is headed by Mama Kandeh, a former APRC Parliamentarian.

In Farafenni, Jammeh was advised by his trusted aides to consider engaging Mama Kandeh into political dialogue—with the view of forming an alliance with the GDC leader. But the GDC supporters were quick to dismiss such a proposition when the news first hit the Freedom Radio Gambia airwaves.

According to competent sources, Jammeh’s original projection of pulling over 300,000 thousand voters out of the 900,000 voters registered by the IEC, has fallen short—given the recent mass defection of his supporters to the GDC. In other words, Jammeh has now realized that the GDC is not only a threat to his party, but to his Presidency.

Hence, a word started floating within Jammeh’s camp that Mama Kandeh should be engaged to encourage the defected APRC supporters to come back home and unify under one flag bearer. GDC surrogates have rejected the possibility of their party forming an alliance with Jammeh.

An Army officer writing to us said: “Hi Pa you really putting the truth raw as it is. There is one thing I noticed in your analysis. You got one side of the coin and I have the other side of the same one. You have the side of Yaya Jammeh and his APRC on a possible footing to forge an alliance with GDC. I have also credible information from close surrogates of Mama Kandeh that he, Maama Kandeh is patiently waiting for a call from Yaya Jammeh. You and I have one thing in common which is both information we got show that both the APRC and GDC are aware of their interest to strike a compromise at the detriment of the Alliance and the Gambian people. What is keeping both parties from contact is each party believes that once you make the first move, you will be negotiating from a weak position.”

“ Maama Kandeh may win but some of his surrogates who had closed ties to Yaya Jammeh will cost him the victory he may got and if that happens he looses he should be on the run,” he added.

As far back as few weeks ago, Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy, was Jammeh’s emissary to broker the deal to have Mama on their side. The VP recruited the Speaker of the House Abdoulie Bojang, and one Neteh Baldeh, an MP for Basse, and the Majority Leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta, to approach Mama. But sources said Mama is yet to meet the trio. He is avoiding the APRC political operatives.

It should be noted that Speaker Abdoulie Bojang and Mama Kandeh are close buddies. In fact, Mama’s brother, who is operating a hotel, in The Gambia, has been in the past contracted by the National Assembly to be hosting their workshops at his hotel. Numerous NAMS workshops have been held at the said hotel.

The status quo is very worried at this hour. If their ongoing attempts to have Mama on their side failed, they might resort to harassing him and his party officials.

Mama Kandeh and his team should not allow to be deceived by Jammeh. Jammeh lacks sincerity and honesty. He played the late leader of the NCP Sheriff Mustapha Dibba and his team in the past elections. After forming an alliance with the NCP, Jammeh deviated from his promise of power sharing government with the NCP leadership.

Sheriff was offered Speaker position and the rest of his team were thrown under the bus. Guess what happened to Sheriff Dibba?  Jammeh arrested him in March of 2006, and accused him of being complicit in the Ndure Cham coup. Mr. Dibba was brutally tortured. He died few months after his release from prison.

Mama Kandeh should learn from the past. Jammeh wouldn’t bother to engage or talk to him if he doesn’t pose a threat to his regime.

The GDC is likely going to cause a major electoral upset in the upcoming race. There is no way Jammeh can win the elections without rallying back his lost supporters, who defected to the GDC.

As the situation appears, the race is between Adama Barrow, of the opposition alliance, and Mama Kandeh of the GDC. Jammeh has been rendered disadvantaged in view of Mama’s candidature. Both Barrow and Mama Kandeh stand chance of winning if the elections are not rigged.

The opposition alliance should continue engaging Mama Kandeh. Once Mama joins the alliance that’s the end of dictatorship in The Gambia.

We are cautiously optimistic that even in the absence of Mama joining the alliance, there is growing hope that one of these two parties might likely win. Not Jammeh!

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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