President Yahya Jammeh, whose nationwide tour entered the Central River Region (CRR), has appealed to Gambians to vote peacefully during the polling day scheduled for December 1st 2016.

He commended the people of CRR for their unity and not encouraging tribalism in their society, saying: “I am not asking anyone to hate anybody”.

“We are all Gambians, we should respect each other, love each other and politics should not divide us. We are one family vote for your choice with peace,” he said.

President Jammeh emphasized on peaceful campaign and voting peacefully for their choice and waits for the results, do not insult anybody.

“I will not encourage anyone to go through the back way. It is illegal for Africans to go to Europe and the colonialists came to Africa through the back way. “

Speaking yesterday in Kaur, President Jammeh hammered home the essential need to maintain peace, law and order throughout the electoral process.

“I urge the people of CRR to refrain from violence and perpetrators of crime and social conflict will not be spared.”

“The tour is not meant to campaign for vote with the unprecedented socio-economic development usher by my government alone far enough for Gambians to make a choice,” he said.

Written By A Correspondent

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