All is not well within the Ruling APRC party. Dictator Yahya Jammeh has fired key officials of the party amid a failed political tour. The party is in complete disarray. Jammeh is cursing Balla Jahumpa, and local government leaders, including MPS. He is not happy that Gambians are not showing up at his rallies.

Lower Badibu APRC MP Suku Singhateh has been detained. Mr. Singhateh is being blamed for the failure of the people of Badibu for not showing up to grace Jammeh’s rallies.

The Farafenni rally was a complete failure. Reports have it that Suku is not only detained but expelled from the APRC. Jammeh is  not mentally stable. Unless he rescinds his decision, he has expelled Alieu Suku Singhateh from the APRC. 

Also dismissed is Governor Lamin Queen Jammeh. Mr. Jammeh is the Governor of the North Bank Division. This was the guy Jammeh elevated to the position of paramount Governor. Governor Jammeh is no more. He has been sacked with immediate effect. 

The Chief of Ballanagarr Ali Gaye, also has been dismissed. Mr. Gaye is being blamed for the failure of his District to show up to welcome Jammeh during his failed tour. The people of Kaur refused to show up to welcome Jammeh, even though food was cooked to entice villagers to attend the meeting.

Mr. Jammeh did not stop at Kaur, during his tour,  even though he was scheduled to address a meeting there. Chief Ali Gaye is the sacrificial lamb. He has been dismissed.

In the CRR Region, similar firings has been reported. The Chiefs and Alkalos have been dismissed in the CRR region. The system is falling apart. 

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