Mr. Sedia Bayo, a French national, of Gambian origin has renewed his calls for the Gambian opposition to stay calm and focus, as help is on the way to bailout the West African country from Jammeh’s misrule. Mr. Bayo, speaking from an undisclosed location on Tuesday, said if he doesn’t fulfill his promise of liberating Gambians from Jammeh’s tyranny, then his name is not Sheikh Sedia Bayo. Mr. Bayo said in the next fifteen days, Gambians will now whether he is joking or real about his claim of deposing Jammeh from power.

sedia-bayo“I made a promise to Gambians that I will take onto the Jammeh dictatorship. My promise is still alive and kicking. In the next fifteen days, Gambians will know whether I am joking or not. As long as I am alive, I will deliver my promise to The Gambian people. Just watch,” Mr. Bayo, said in the Mandinka local dialect. 

In a five minutes Youtube video, Bayo implored on the opposition not be that gullible to think that elections can unseat Jammeh from power. He said only force can remove Jammeh from power. 

“ The opposition should understand that elections cannot remove Yahya Jammeh from power. I told you in August that if the elections were held in that very month, Jammeh was likely going to capture over seventy percent of the votes. The system has been rigged. That’s why I have withdrawn my candidature as a Presidential hopeful,” Bayo added.

Mr. Bayo noted that the twenty two years of Jammeh’s rule has ushered climate of fear, lawlessness, genocide, and wanton corruption. He said a new political dispensation needs to be installed to end the Jammeh madness.

“There is nowhere in world, in which a dictator will emerge as a looser in an election. As we speak, Solo Sandeng, and co have been killed by Jammeh; Darboe and co falsely jailed. Pretty soon Jammeh will hear from us. We are determined to liberate our country if it means sacrificing our lives,” Bayo said.

Written By A Staff Writer 

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