Gambia’s isolated and politically irrelevant dictator Yahya Jammeh, has claimed that there are diasporan Gambians, who are planning to invade The Gambia and ultimately disrupt the country’s peace, stability and democratic process. Mr. Jammeh made the claim on Wednesday during his nationwide tour. Mr. Jammeh and his entourage hit the campaign trial on Tuesday.

jammeh newMr. Jammeh came to power in July of 1994, through a coup. He has vowed to cross any diasporan invasion.

Jammeh maintains that he doesn’t need to be voted into office to stay in power. He said whether Gambians voted for him or not, God is going to elect him into office come December, 1st.

“I don’t need votes to be elected. God is going to elect me. Gambians are free to vote for the party of their choice. I will be voted into office by God,” Jammeh said.

While calling for elections free violence, Jammeh also told his supporters not to play into the hands of opposition elements to cause political unrest in the country. Jammeh branded his opponents as angry people, who are on the verge of dying soon.

“I am calling on my supporters to stay away from violence. You should be happy and be hopeful; so, that we can celebrate our impending victory together. This is the last year for opposition in The Gambia. We are observing the forty days burial charity for the opposition. If someone is angry, and he or she, knows that he is going to die, why should you allow yourself to be engaged or provoked by a dying person. These are dying people,” Jammeh said.

Mr. Jammeh has signaled that he is determined to commit genocide ahead of Gambia’s Presidential elections scheduled for December, 1st, 2016. He repeatedly threatens to kill his opponents during his rallies held in Numi and Farafenni.

Despite Jammeh’s call for election free violence, he turned around and warned for the imminent demise of the opposition. Jammeh did not stop at that; he also implored on the police, and local government leaders to deal with opposition elements bent on causing violence.

“ If the police, or the Chiefs of the respective Districts across the country, failed to arrest and discipline agents of violence, I will sack them from their jobs. I expect the police to arrest people bent on inciting tribalism, and violence,” Jammeh remarked.

The Kanilai born dictator noted that violence in any form should be discouraged. He said civil conflict could lead to the devastation of a nation. Jammeh told his supporters that The Gambia cannot afford to condone tribal bigotry, war, and tensions. He said such negative vices can tear a nation apart.

“If such political conflict and hatred occurred, it is going to take us one hundred years to heal up our wounds. We will crush any diasporan invasion. There are Gambians living overseas, who are hiding somewhere, and they are planning to disrupt our nation’s peace. I order for the arrest of anyone bent on inciting violence,” Jammeh said.

The Gambia has pulled out from the International Criminal Court recently. It branded the court as a biased Caucasian court bent on targeting African leaders.

Now that The Gambia has formally notified the United Nations on November, 10, its intention of withdrawing from the ICC, observers believe that the dictator wouldn’t hesitate to kill his opponents. Mr. Jammeh is relying on the security forces to harass and intimidate the opposition.

Meanwhile, the opposition alliance headed by Adama Barrow, on Wednesday embarked on a nationwide tour. Mr. Barrow is being accompanied by thousands of opposition supporters.

The opposition GDC is also on tour. Its leader Mama Kandeh, used to be an APRC MP. Both Barrow and Kanteh said they are hopeful of winning the polls.

On the first leg of his tour, Jammeh struggled to reassure the people of Nuimi, that he hasn’t forgotten the promises he made to them in the past, especially the rural electrification project. Mr. Jammeh said he will make sure that Nuimi will enjoy access to electricity, good roads, healthcare, and education in the future.

Mr. Jammeh told his followers that he is not out to canvass for votes. He said his tour is in line with a constitutional stipulation, which mandates him to tour the country annually.

Mr. Jammeh’s tour has become a total failure. Communities hardly showed up to grace his meetings. School children, teachers, and Civil Servants are being forced to attend his meetings.

As reported by this medium, Jammeh’s prospects of winning the polls is next to nil, unless he rigs the elections. His supporters have defected to the newly formed party GDC party.

International lections monitors are yet to arrive to observe the campaign period. There is a local civil society group, observing the polls.

Meanwhile, the State Media, has assigned its reporters—both from the TV and radio, to cover the opposition meetings ahead of the polls. Observers are not convinced that the opposition will be availed with fair media coverage—given Jammeh’s monopoly of the media.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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