Check out who you are, where you belong, or what kind of change you are pursuing. At times you may find yourself in different positions, but this is who you are:

  1. You genuinely want change because you strongly believe that the Ruling Party has reached it’s peak, and replacing the Party with something else would bring in change no matter what others think.
  1. You want the present government because they have made life more easy for you, and that the past administration did not fulfill the developmental projects, and standards of living you now see have had a major impact of why you are supporting the Ruling Party.
  1. You are Independent and want change, but responsible change that has to be effected by the majority of Gambians through the Democratic process without resorting to violence. You also expect all to abide by democratic principles, and be representing the change you seek.
  1. You are Independent but want change by any means necessary regardless of what damage happens to the country. Be it loss of lives, or the entire country being rendered ungovernable just to achieve your goal of change.
  1. You are Independent in thinking, but has compromised your positions every now and then just to suit your agenda of change. The Democratic Principles you believed in are not what you are practicing when you preach rule of law, ethical journalism, fairness, freedom of speech, freedom of expression or opinion.
  1. You believe in intellectuals to pave the way, but they lack the support so you have to settle for the less educated because they have the following that could eventually help your hidden agenda of effecting change through civil disobedience at the expense of the nation and it’s people regardless of how prepared or not the population are.
  1. You are for accountability, justice, and the rule of law, but you at times find yourself not holding your organizations, friends, and people to those standards because it could be in conflict with fighting your enemy. So you know the truth, and want to fight for the truth, but the truth at times is better hidden than exposed which will undermine your goal.
  1. You don’t believe we have a Democracy, and so you want to fight a battle through undemocratic means because the Gambian constitution is a toilet paper in your eyes. You careless about what laws are there and would do whatever it takes to get to your goal.
  1. You report what is in your interest to fight the cause, and will associate yourself with whoever is on the same mission. You would even write or try to persuade anyone by producing whatever your audience wants just to keep them focused on one agenda.
  1. You do what is best for the National Interest, and would guard lives, property, and to make sure that stability is maintained at all costs. You are like a machine programmed to do one thing only; obey and execute your duties without questioning or second guessing.
  1. You are swayed by emotions, and the wrongful treatment of others could affect your judgement. It can cause you to say or do terrible things you may regret later on.
  1. You are not heartless, but know that no one is above the law. You believe in equality, fairness, and the rule of law. Your positions are solid, and emotions doesn’t move you one bit to change your positions. You are also fearless, and don’t care what others think of you. You do what is best for yourself, and country.
  1. You hate politics and think that it is so dirty that you would rather excuse yourself from it. Not that you don’t want to see your people prosper, but because you think all politicians are the same. They are all hungry for power, and for you; power corrupts the individual.
  1. You believe in human rights, and you despise others who abuse others just because of politics. Your only purpose is to life the lives of every human being, and to see that everyone is treated with respect, decency, dignity, and the right to live in peace enjoying the liberties that come with it.
  1. You cannot differentiate who is better, and you are tired of intimidation, physical torture, mental torture, insults, threats, and the propagation of violence through tribal statements. You think we are headed to a civil war, and so you are terrified that eventually there is no escaping it. Therefore, you are forced into hiding, and don’t wish to take part in anything going on because either way, we are doomed.
  1. You believe in God and your religion. Be it a Christian or Muslim. You don’t like the divisiveness you see, but you rely on your faith for comfort. You are worried of what the future holds, but your faith keeps you grounded. You are aware of statements all over, and in your view, many don’t believe in God’s miracles anymore. You watch in disbelief, but after your prayers at Church or the Mosque, you are comforted with God’s teachings that with every difficulty there will be relief. Loving thy neighbor as thyself is what you know will ease our pain. Your spirits are lifted when you pray, and for you hoping for the better in God’s name is greater than what an individual can promise you.
  1. You don’t believe in God, and think that most are delayed by wasting their time praying. You strongly believe that God won’t come down to fight your battle, and for you anyone who mentions God’s name to comfort him/herself is actually lost. You rely on your intellect to effect change, and see the need to do away with cultures, religion, or backgrounds because you are unique in many ways.
  1. You enjoyed a lot of benefits from those you support, and your loyalty is to those who provided for you. You see nothing but loyalty, and for you that is more important than doing what others are focused on.
  1. You are stuck between good and evil. What you see as good for you is seen as bad for the other. What you see as bad for you, is seen as good to the other. No matter what you do, you are always wrong in the eyes of others. No matter what others do they are always wrong. You see yourself as patriotic, and others as enemies. Others see you as unpatriotic, and as a slave. For you, everyone is already painted so you careless what people say about you. Your interest is yourself, peace, and country. For others, their interest is themselves, peace, and country.
  1. You are who you are and no one can understand what you believe, or where you stand. Only you can define yourself, and no one has a clue of what your intentions are. One’s speculation of you is not a fact, but one’s assumption.

At the end of it all, this speaks to many characters which many may all appear to love their country, but in different ways. For it is said, “The True Character of A Man is Not Defined By What He/She Does in Front of Others, But What He/She Does When No One is Watching. “

  Peace be with you all!!

Written By Momodou Njai

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