JUST IN! Sixty seven camels have been slaughtered today for ritual purposes in McCarthy, now known as Janjangbureh, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Meat is being distributed in the town and its surrounding environ. Dictator Yahya Jammeh is in a panic mood. He is sacrificing camels for ritual purposes.

zai-an-jammehAs we file this report, soldiers and paramilitary officers are at Jammeh’s the rice fields in McCarthy waiting for confused and lonely Kanilai monster. Jammeh is yet to show at the rice fields. The guards are getting tired. They have been on the hot sun for hours waiting for Jammeh.

Our agents planted in Jammeh’s entourage are reporting that Jammeh is planning to visit his rice fields in McCarthy. An army of security officers have been guarding the rice fields since daybreak. 

The dictator is being hosted at the guest house. It is not clear if he will step his foot at his rice fields. Jammeh is a prisoner in his own country. He is not only paranoid, but afraid.

Last night, he was in Mamutfana. His Mamutfana meeting was a total failure. Mamutfana has rallied behind the GDC. Mamutfana, Kerr-Brian, Bati-Njowl, Bati-Khach, Jareng, Choi, Sotokoi, and its surrounding villages have defected to the GDC and the alliance.

Mamutfana used to be an APRC stronghold, but it is no more. Jammeh was shocked when he visited the village. He couldn’t believe that Gambians have turned their back against him.

Written By A Staff Writer 

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