GRTS, the propaganda media outlet for dictator Yahya Jammeh, has started good so far with the coverage of the upcoming Presidential elections . All parties were given airtime during their today’s newscast. But there is something of relevance that we want to bring to the attention of our readers and the GRTS management.

lamin_mangaWe have observed that the GDC leader Mama Kandeh, was allowed to articulate his programs and policies during his meetings in the Kombos. The GRTS reporter Mr. Mendy, assigned to Kandeh, ran couple of soundbites of Kandeh, which was very impressive and encouraging as far as equal access to state media coverage is concerned.

In the case of the opposition alliance led by Adama Barrow, there was no soundbite of the speakers at their rallies. Reporter Momodou Jallow, ran a simple voice report, while censoring the voices of OJ Jallow, Dembo By-Force Bojang, Isatou Touray, Halifa Sallah, and Adama Barrow. This was a disservice on the part of Mr. Jallow to the Coalition and the GRTS viewers.

Similar coverage was extended to dictator Jammeh and his entourage. The reporter assigned to cover Jammeh failed to feature soundbite of the various speakers accompanying Jammeh and Jammeh himself. This is just an observation so that GRTS can improve on its reporting. 

In the interest of fair reporting, GRTS reporters assigned to cover the campaign trail should endeavor to broadcast the voices of the respective speakers on the trail. It is dishonest on  the side of GRTS to broadcast campaign images without relaying the voices of those speaking on the background.

GRTS MD Lamin Manga, should have a word with his reporters to avoid such biased reporting. If Mama Kandeh’s soundbite can be  featured on air, why not the alliance? The world is closely watching developments. Please take note GRTS. 

So far the GRTS script content of the election coverage of the respective parties have been fair and balanced in our opinion. Featuring soundbites of candidates and their surrogates will avail the electorate to  make a choice as to who they should vote for on December, 1st. We rest our case.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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