The message of PEACE and TOLERANCE being the centerpiece of Mama Kandeh’s beliefs and message reminds us Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara.

The family man nature that we saw in Sir Dawda Jawara is seen in Mama Kandeh.

The respect that we knew in Sir Dawda Jawara is evident in Mama Kandeh’s posture.

Verily it seems GOD wants Sir Dawda Jawara to witness his born again twin son Mama Kandeh to be declared the 3rd president of the Gambia in 13 days time.

May Allah grant him the lifetime to witness this best gift for he deserves it no matter his shortcomings in his past presidency.

Look and hear Mama, you feel safe and hopeful. There is a good reason why the Gambia earned the attribute of the smiling cost of Africa. Now, after going through 22 years of the Kunta Kinteh sad saga as seen in the ROOTS film of Alex Healy,


Listen to Mama and see his smile in a bright face full of love, humility and comfort.

GOD never make mistake, it is people who make mistakes but with GOD’s mercy and inspiration, people will eventually see the LIGHT after repenting on our sins. Gambians have verily sin for 22 years and GOD heard our cries and decide to deliver us by giving us a Mama Kandeh full of love and happiness.

Will you vote for PEACE and LOVE? I will Inshallah.

May Allah give Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara the strength to witness this historic moment of change in the political history of the Gambia.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang

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