Hello….it was interesting and touching to go over the article of Banjul of our time. Environmental sanitation and waste management is a big problem in Banjul and a public health concern. We are trying our utmost best to improve the situation, but nothing is improving due to the management of the dormant so called City Council….

Pa, the sewerage system in Banjul is not working and it’s is endangered life in Banjul because man holes chambers and everywhere is over floating with fecal sewage. I am even afraid of an outbreak of disease.

Secondly, waste management is another alarming problem in Banjul especially at the market where food vendors are located, waste at temporary dumpsite are never been collected, decomposed and harbors flies, roaches and create a bad odor pollution in Banjul.

Finally, the sewerage division plant is the hell of Banjul, they pumping sewage into the river without any treatment, which is thereby detrimental to man and aquatic life… I can’t tell you all, but link me any time you need the information and photos for reference.

Written By A Concerned Gambian 

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