Dr. Omar Jah, the Deputy Vice Chancellor, who has been serving the University of the Gambia since 2002, has recently been appointed by Organization of Islamic Cooperation as Pro-Vice Chancellor, Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Dhaka, Bangladesh. IUT is a Subsidiary Organ of OIC whose main objective is to build capacity in member states in the fields of engineering. 

As the subject indicates, I am now a Pro-Vice Chancellor of IUT, equal to an overall deputy vice chancellor supervising all academic, administrative as well as financial activities; IUT specializes in different fields of engineering to build the capacity of member states;  the position was advertised last year across the member states of the Islamic world, competed to by many candidates; I applied, was shortlisted finally with another professor from Senegal, called for an interview in Jeddah June 1. 2016 and was, by the grace of Allah, able to secure it for the Gambia.

Let me seize this opportunity here to thank Allah, the Almighty first and foremost, to thank my parents for their sympathy for and intellectual preparation of my humble self, and to thank H E President Jammeh for giving a “no objection” to OIC for my appointment, which was a condition attached for the validity of the contract. I will remain committed to continue participating in whatever makes the Gambian youth particularly intellectually and religiously grounded and enlightened through fostering collaborations particularly with UTG especially with new Vice Chancellor who will have to face many challenges ahead.

However, my short interaction with him to submit my handing over note and to brief him about the best way forward, followed by his initial steps shows that he is up to the job; he is both flexible, a good listener and very stern at the same time; he seems to be determined to reclaim the role of a strong Chief Executive Officer, which was gradually perishing; there is more hope now.  

Written By A Correspondent 

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