President Jammeh who was in Bati Nyol and Niamina on Thursday and he promised a lot of development projects in that area such as electricity, good roads and health and surrounds in Bati Nyol as promised last may during his visit electricity polls have been positioned at every strategic location. In Niamina, he promised good roads which their citizens will no longer need to travel in long distance to acquire any basic necessity for their livelihood. Plans are in place to take all these to their footsteps

The president said “I pay tribute to the women and young people of this region for their strong devotion to God and fostering unity amongst yourselves”.

President Jammeh praised the women folk in particular for their piety and dedication to Islam encouraging them to be more steadfast. 

About the forthcoming elections, he said the period is to hold the hurdles delaying the country from realizing its economic power. He said “December first will be an opportunity to sort and extract patriotic citizens from stooges of western propaganda.

” I task the electorate to make sound judgments between empty promises of the opposition and the gains documented by my government when heading to the poll,” he said. 

Written By A Correspondent

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