Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians as anticipated monster Jammeh has started silencing people who have committed heinous crimes for him, anyone who knows too much will soon be arrested or silenced. The latest victim is a Cuban Dr. by the name of Dr. Raseed. Dr. Raseed used to stay at the AU Villa and attached at the Yundum Barracks. According to reliable DCC members, he was a member of the team that killed the MILE-2 NINE. He participated and was present at MILE-2. Since he knows too much, monster Jammeh contracted the junglers to kill Dr. Raseed. Dr. Raseed died in a mysterious accident which was set and staged by the junglers. All the Cuban doctors in the Gambia are in dismay and under shock. To make matters worse, his dead body was not transported back to Cuba and he was buried immediately in the Gambia. Monster Jammeh did not want the Cubans to start asking questions. This is a warning to everyone who has participated or help monster Jammeh to commit any crime that your day is coming. All his informers, hit team and assassins will be in trouble VERY SOON. Even his informers in America, Europe and everywhere will be in trouble, MARK THIS DOWN. Swandi and the new mercenary team are now in charge and they are working on a plan to silence and replace the people who have been working for monster Jammeh. 

Fellow Gambians, the country is going through a transformation period and DCC can confirm to you that the ordinary Gambian who used to live in fear is fearless. People are not afraid and they are ready for anything and monster Jammeh is aware of this. People are speaking up and even insulting the security forces in broad day light. The population has no respect for the police, army, immigration, NDEA and the entire security apparatus. In fact the people are saying that they are the ones who will get rid of monster Jammeh to save the military apparatus, it should be the other way around but people have realized that they cannot depend on the remote control military apparatus, they are controlled and will do anything they are asked to do. People are tired and you can see that a lot of public transportations have posters of the opposition, even donkey carts have posters of the opposition. The youths have smart phones and they are following up everything that is happening on the social media. Monster Jammeh is aware of this that is why he created an internet café at the SG office and there are people working day and night trying to trick and identify people in the Gambia who are supporting the opposition.

Speaking of the opposition, the APRC campaign is not going well. According to the DCC agent attached to the APRC convoy, monster Jammeh is now frustrated by the low turnouts and is constantly insulting people around him. The governors, alkalos, Imams, etc have tried everything to make people attend the late night meetings and the people are refusing. So far the majority of the people attending monster Jammeh’s meetings are his convoy and loyalists from KOMBO. And everywhere he goes only few elders attend and the rest is fill with children. Monster Jammeh has noticed this and has instructed GRTS and MD Lamin Manga not to show the children and only show the elders side. GRTS and Lamin Manga are the propaganda machine for the dictator. Monster Jammeh has also instructed his close aides to start compiling a list of prominent people who are not supporting him. Monster Jammeh does not go to campaign during the day, it is only during the night. He does not have the stamina or strength to campaign every day. His entire campaign schedule is in shambles and is being revised every day. Our DCC agent reported that they were supposed to spend 3 nights at Basse, but they only spent one night and they are currently on the road to MANSA KONKO. Whilst at Jangjangbureh he campaign only one night and the other days he visited one rice field that he has eyed for a long time, he wants to take the rice field from the owners. Monster Jammeh has instructed that if he receives a low turnout when he enters the KOMBOs then a lot of heads will roll. This is why people like captain Gilbert Gibba is going from office to office trying to force people to come out in large numbers when dictator Jammeh enters the KOMBO area. Dictator Jammeh is disappointed that his APRC campaign managers did not do  their groundwork which is leading to poor reception. Gambians do you know what is funny, devil Zeinab who is the top campaign manager is nowhere to be seen, as we speak she is in France shopping. As soon as the campaign raised some money, devil Zeinab took some of the money went to Mauritania then France. DCC can confirm to you that devil Zeinab will not be present in the Gambia during Election Day. This devil cares about nothing but money. This is the devilish who once tricked monster Jammeh and made 2 million dollars out of the deal. Gambians do you know how she tricked monster Jammeh? One time when the Gambians in America were protesting outside the compound, devil Zeinab told dictator Jammeh they with money they can buy the entire street. By owning the street then the Gambians cannot demonstrate outside the compound. One of our top DCC agent was involved on wiring the funds for that transaction and guest what Gambians, the street was never bought or owned by dictator Jammeh. So Zeinab fooled the dumb dictator and she pocketed all the money, this is how WICKED this devil is. Why is devil Zeinab not campaigning with her so call husband? She does not care about her foolish husband and neither does she care about the country.

So the entire campaign is in disarray and this is why monster Jammeh has made it very clear that he dare not lose the election. IEC will help rig the election and MUST make dictator Jammeh the ultimate winner, IEC chairman has received clear executive directives from monster Jammeh, and besides the IEC chairman also received $450,000.00 dollars, yes Gambians, the IEC chairman and his team cannot deny this. After monster Jammeh is gone this revelation will be confirmed. The IEC chairman cannot deny that he is having late night conversation with monster Jammeh, Mr. Alieu Momar Njie why are you not talking to the opposition during late night. Will election, holding, and counting stations be filled with APRC ballots before the election, TIME WILL TELL? Mr. Alieu Njie will you announce monster Jammeh as the loser if the opposition wins, NO YOU WON’T, you have received clear executive order on what to say. You need to share this with Gambians NOW. Again post monster Jammeh era, the phone records will confirm this. Coming back to Gilbert Gibba, he has been assigned to make sure that the entire security force to show up and receive monster Jammeh when he enters the KOMBO. Gilbert is the head of house hold at state house and is the one who receives monster Jammeh containers. DCC is warning Gilbert that everything that he is doing is being recorded. Gilbert do you remember when you were kicked out of the government headquarters, do you want to deny this. Have you become a beggar who has no choice and cannot bite the hand that feeds you, you don’t have the moral strength to say NO to the monster who once fired you. Gilbert, DCC is monitoring you. DCC is also warning all the security forces to desist from forcing people to vote for monster Jammeh. One of the reasons monster Jammeh is rushing to make it back to KOMBO is to finalize how he is going to neutralize any uprising and how to exit too. Monster Jammeh IS NOT PLANNING TO CONCEDE, he will do ANYTHING to stay in power. If he loses, HE WILL NOT HANDOVER POWER. So DCC is warning all the security forces not to support monster Jammeh, very soon you will “ALL” be called and will on full STANDBY and will not see your families for a long time. DCC is warning DGs, MDs, Imams, the so call muslim elders, don’t become part of Jammeh’s “BULLY” team. Stop bullying Gambians whilst you are a victim yourself. In our next publication we will start profiling people who are supporting and helping monster Jammeh to bully Gambians. 

DCC is also warning the following villages that there are massive bunkers present in their villages and monster Jammeh is planning to use them as hiding spot just in case he needs to. There are massive bunkers in KAWALLY, JENDIN, KANILAI and ALLAH KUNDA, monster Jammeh told you the holes are wells and bow holes, he is lying, they are ALL BUNKERS. 

On a last note, DCC is warning Mama Kandeh to join ONE GAMBIA. Mama, please join the coalition, history will judge you if you don’t. Your children and grandchildren will ask you how come you did not join ONE GAMBIA. Every Gambia needs to rise up before monster Jammeh transform the country into a full Sharia country, this will happen if everyone including our Christians brothers and sisters don’t rise up. Mama Kanda rise up, wear your Gambian hat and join the ONE GAMBIA coalition to defeat dictator Jammeh. Dictator Jammeh is an endemic and everlasting virus that will take generations to cure. 

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, SOLO SANDENG, MILE-2 NINE, and December 2014 Martyrs.

Written By The Soldier

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