Dear Editor M’bai:

Please allow me short space on your esteemed newspaper. But first, I would like to thank you for your investigative journalism for exposing this phony man calling himself a doctor. Anyone who read his so-called interview knows that it wasn’t according to journalistic standards because Omar Jah does not really write English well nor speak it well as read from the interview. Therefore, that interview could have happened in two ways.

1) He interviewed himself (which you have mentioned)

2) The questions were given to him way ahead of time giving him ample time to copy and paste words to sound eloquent.

This man is in the business of manipulation and self-aggrandizement, and has done this throughout his tenure at the UTG. Such acts are the reasons why he can’t get along with many of the staff not to mention the able Ex-Director of Finance, Mr. Kojo. His ineptitude in regards to administration is beyond comprehension, not to mention his lack of knowledge on financial management which he was entrusted with on our university. He has now enlisted Dr. Jain in his tricks to manipulate the new Vice Chancellor.  

Most of his accomplishments are exaggerated to the point of absurdity. His credentials need to be vetted, then and only then will people see the true calculations of this man. How can someone who has never studied nor worked in administration or finance come to be at the helm of such an important post – Deputy Vice Chancellor for finance.? Preposterous! The man is known around campus as Oustass because that is what he knows. He studied Qu’ranic and if this was anywhere else he would have been teaching kids how to memorize the Quran which would have been a “banka” to him and our children. To be honest i would have sent my children to his Madrassa. I do not mean to sound like there is something wrong being a Qu’rani ticker or not being able to write or speak the Queen’s English. However, what is wrong is being pretentious. It’s always good to be one’s self for honesty is a virtue.  

His lack of knowledge in conventional fields made him insecure and would undermine any staff. He is divisive religiously, ethnically, and geographically. For example he makes it his duty to dishonour our Christian brothers and sisters who are very capable when it comes to representing this great institution. He feels that he is superior to our Mandinka staff for no good reasons and won’t tolerate seeing them speak their language. And let me tell you, the man has complex for anyone who was born in Banjul and its vicinity.His divisiveness has led him to sideline Jenung Manneh, Dr. Nyang, Dr. Gomez, Kojo just to name a few. This man is vindictive, cunning, and outright hateful.

All he is trying to do with his so-called interview is polish himself or try to give impression to the Gambian people that he is meritoriously capable and fit to serve at higher level. For example he said he studied Law as we know it. That is a fat lie This man is a phony and people will find out when they interact with him; just that it will be too late.  

Thank you exposing the phony doctor and his ploy.     

UTG Staffer   

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