There is a strong NIA presence in Dakar, Senegal, ahead of Gambia’s December, 1st Presidential elections, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The NIA counterintelligence unit have been deployed to the Senegalese capital to monitor dissident activities in the French speaking country. Gambians residing in diaspora, who are planning to visit Dakar during the electioneering period should be vigilant. Reliable and dependable NIA sources said the unit deployed in Dakar, have been accompanied by some jungullars.  Military intelligence officers are also part of the mission team in Dakar. They are on covert operation, Watch you back brothers and sisters.

Dakar is a hot spot for Gambian exiles. Thousands of Gambian exiles are living in Senegal. The exiled diasporan community usually spend their vacations in Dakar, as Banjul is a no go area for them. The dictator has threatened to arrest and kill his perceived enemies—be it real or fake.

According to sources close to The Gambia Embassy in Dakar, the NIA agents have been hosted in different areas in Dakar and its suburbs. The agents tasked is to monitor dissident activities now and after the elections, said our source.

The Kanilai monster has recruited some civilians as handlers and carriers to infiltrate dissidents, sources warned. Our sources also talked about some exiles who recently arrived in Dakar, who are on the payroll of the dictator for spying and counterintelligence collection.  

Some of the NIA assets arrived in Dakar over the weekend. They are not returning to Banjul anytime soon. Gambians should be wary of some of the folks in Dakar, associated with the Jammeh regime.  They are as deadly as Jammeh. Watch you back folks! 

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