Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh has warned the people of Basse to stay away from violence on election day saying “if you get into violence, you will not survive it.” The Kanilai monster, who is seeking his fifth term mandate said voters should cast their vote and go home and wait for the results. Failure, of which, he warns for dire consequences for agents of violence.

“Wherever your heart is, avoid violence. Don’t involve in violence because if you get into violence; you will not survive it.  Vote and go home,” Jammeh tells a sizeable crowd of party supporters in Basse on Sunday.

“Also, we spent a lot of money to give you your rights by giving you voters card. You have your voters card and sit home and said I will not vote, then how can you call yourself a good citizen. Whether you vote for me or not, I am going to do my job to please the almighty Allah,” he added.  

Mr. Jammeh also recalled promising to bring electricity, water and infrastructural development in Basse, when he came to power in July, of 1994. He said his critics and some Basse natives thought that he (Jammeh) was mad when he made such promises in the past. But today, he said, Basse is a developing city.

“This Basse will become the regional great capital of all Africa. I think you have seen signs of it here,” Jammeh claimed.

GDC Leader Mama Kandeh in his speech during the campaign trail blamed the Jammeh regime for the country’s economic hardship and massive underdevelopment. Mr. Kanteh said the Gambia ought to have been more developed than neighboring Senegal, given the small size of the country, but unfortunately Kandeh said the regime in place has woefully failed.

Kandeh told voters that if elected into office, he will bring development to their door steps. He talks about electrifying every Gambian village, town and hamlet if voted into office.

Mr. Kandeh also raised the issue of lack of electricity in his home locality Basse. He said a glass of ice cost D50 dalasi, when the average Gambian is finding extremely difficult to put food on the table.

Mr. Kandeh kept touching his watch signaling that Jammeh’s time is up. He promised to treat Gambians equally without any discrimination.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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