“The GDC is not in alliance with any political party. We did not join the coalition owing to lack of transparency and democracy in the selection of coalition flag-bearer,” Mama Kandeh told his supporters during the campaign trail today. The GDC leader signaled that under the circumstances his party cannot partner with the existing opposition parties to challenge incumbent dictator Yahya Jammeh, in the upcoming polls. Mr. Kandeh has expressed confidence in defeating Jammeh and Adama Barrow on December, 1st.

With his recent pronoucement, Mr. Kandeh has dashed all hopes for him ever joining the current alliance led by Adama Barrow, Mr. Kandeh in one of his rallies even bragged of being productive as a citizen compared to both Jammeh and Barrow. He challenged the duo to tell Gambians what have they done for their country and her people before seeking for the Presidency. He recalled buying chairs and desk for a rural Gambian school and also filling our hospitals with drugs. He said neither Jammeh, nor Barrow had that trackrecord of giving out to the community before seeking the Presidency. 

Mamma Kandeh, leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), who has been touring Gayensanjal, Kaur, Njaw and Balangar, said if elected, he would reconnect The Gambia with her former friends, rejoin the Commonwealth and build the country’s image globally.

He further said he would tackle the issue of foreign exchange professionally, and restore the country’s past glory in the international arena.

He pledged to construct the road of Sabah Sanjal and Bambally.

His government will introduce health insurance and make it affordable and accessible to all throughout the country.

Mr Kandeh promised to revitalize agriculture, reconcile Gambians irrespective of political affiliations, ethnicity, and religious backgrounds, as well as create more jobs for the youth and women.

Kandeh also promised good roads, electricity and adequate support to farmers to develop agriculture.

Written By A Correspondent In Banjul

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