We have long been skeptical about some of the stories Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay, AKA FJC, privately spread or bandit around against dictator Yahya Jammeh to some selected spectrum of The Gambian dissident community, to win their sympathy and confidence. FJC is a Jammeh agent stationed in Dakar, Senegal, and is currently in Banjul helping Jammeh to be reelected. She wants to dine with Jammeh and the dissidents at the same time. This is a lady, that Gambians should be very careful of.

honest-gambianShe claimed to have owned a luxurious house and nice Range Rover in Dakar. She is working with Sheikh Tijan Gajo, Macky Sall’s former Foreign Affairs Minister. It is our understanding that she and Gajo are into a consultancy business.

Listening to former soldier Musa Sarr’s story, and how he was introduced to a Senegalese national by Musa Drammeh, a former colleague of Musa, only for Sarr to be ganged attack by Jammeh’s agents, should serve as a wake up call to the Gambian dissident community in Senegal, and around the world.

Our own M Njie, of the Civic Education show was appalled upon hearing our analysis on FJC during the Leral show. Mr. Njie said FJC tried to infiltrate him in the past in the name of trying to sponsor his show, but he declined.

“Bro, I just arrived back from our London meeting and tuned in Leral. What you are narrating about Madam Fatoumata Jahumpa Ceesay reminds me of  an offer she once made to donate money to sponsor the civic education show. She asked for my account details, but I told her in no uncertain terms that I don’t accept funds from third parties into my account for matters relating to the struggle. Now listening to you, I strongly believe that her approach towards me could have been an attempt to have stigma on me. Mind boggling indeed,” M Njie wrote.

fjc1-dThanks M Njie, for bringing this vital information to our attention. It is never too late to expose demons like FJC. FJC’s goal was to infiltrate you, and ultimately smear your unshakably reputation. Keep your head high brother. We are proud of your uncompromising stance, when it comes to safeguarding the reputation of your show and credibility. 

This author once spoke to FJC, via Seedy Ceesay, who visited her at her home in Dakar, earlier this year. He passed the phone to this author, without telling him that FJC was on the line. Seedy was “reprimanded” for his conduct. I told him that it was wrong to ambush me with such a phony character like FJC. We laughed over the matter, and life goes on. 

Given all what FJC said on the phone, I was amazed to see her on the Jammeh campaign trail. So FJC, was lying to us on the whole. I never believe her from the word go anyway. I even privately cautioned Seedy not to eat or drink from FJC’s  home. I encouraged  him to employ caution when dealing with her because she is capable of selling him to the Kanilai monster.  

Our good brother Seedy Ceesay, should be extra careful. The likes of FJC are double agents, who can sell any Gambian to Jammeh for money. She is also capable of helping JK to harm his opponents. We will live it at that.

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