Gambian incumbent has praised the people of the Lower River Region (LRR) for their unflinching and unconditional support to his leadership and the APRC status quo. The dictator was speaking during the campaign trail. He promised to transform the CRR with decent portable water, and an uninterrupted electricity supply.

Mr. Jammeh is seeking for fifth term mandate. He told the people of Kapeneh and Kabada, in the CRR region that he is going to build them health centers and roads.

Minister for Basic and Secondary Education Fatou Lamin Faye, said that in the no distance future, the community of Japeneh would have its own senior school to stem the number of students travelling all the way to Soma.

In Soma, President Jammeh hinted on Western powers with one-sided approach towards African states as well as on their attempted and failed plan to wreak havoc on the country on numerous occasions.

He said his “presidency is ordained and sealed by God”, and destabilizing it would be a non-starter.

President Jammeh urged the young people to exploit the positive side of the social media, and stop misusing it for what he called sinful act.

Written By A Correspondent 

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