Thousands of supporters of GDC in Chamen Nianija told the GDC leader that the APRC government has completely failed them after twenty two years they have been behind the ruling party. They told the GDC leader that now it is high time for them to vote for GDC and come December 1st, they would vote massively for him.

In welcoming the GDC, on behalf of the people of Chamen and the entire Nainija, told Mamma Kandeh, that he is fully welcome to Chamen and its surrounding adding that the entire people of Nainija are behind him and come December 1st, they would be surprised by voting for him massively.

He said the people of Nainija are suffering because there is no good roads, electricity as well as other sentiments. The people will continue supporting him.
Addressing thousands of people at Chamen, Mamma Kandeh thanked the people of Chamen and the entire Nainija for the warm welcome they to him. He also sent greetings to family of Honourable Seedy and his family.

When the people of the APRC party heard that the people of this area catch me as their father they were not comfortable. He said if you follow something for many years and you did not see any benefit is better you find a solution for it.
He promised the people of Chamen and the entire that when he is voted into office he would do what is expected from as a leader. The APRC is finish.

Written By A Correspondent

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