Hi Pa, following up on my article on the above.

It goes without saying that anyone has to be better than Jammeh as president, but reading between the lines, I have concerns about a Mamah Kandeh regime. I’m sure he is sincere, genuinely popular and could be a competent leader. Doubts arise however about his APRC roots and intentions towards Jammeh post elections. If my memory serves me correctly he said in his opening campaign that Jammeh was a free citizen etc…..Baboucarr Bojang’s article raises further concerns, talking of no time for endless court cases etc.

If this is the GDC attitude, then what hope is there for national  healing and reconciliation? My personal opinion is that justice could best be served if Jammeh did not survive to face  a long drawn out trial because it would distract attention from more important political, economic and social matters. However, justice must be SEEN to be done or else the seeds of fresh conflict would be sown before the dust has settled on the old. Did you know that the seeds of the First World was were sown in the end of the Franco Prussian war in 1871? The seeds of the Second World war were sown in the Treaty of Versailles signed between Germany and the Allies in 1919. France insisted that Germany pay compensation for the war, a policy which bankrupted post war Germany and led to the rise of Hitler.

The crimes of Jammeh AND his associates must be dealt with for the future good and national health of The Gambia. If Mama Kandeh has a secret deal with Jammeh then we need to know NOW. It’s interesting that he has not suffered the fate of the UDP. Why? Jammeh is a consumate political operator, as seen with Hamat Bah and others such as Edward Singateh. Does such a deal exist?

Please could you raise this in a public debate, ideally with Mama Kandeh making a public statement on this issue.


Written By A Concerned Gambian 

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