Many of his suggestions are very positive and need to be urgently addressed by the incoming President and his administration. However one very worrying absence is  justice for those murdered, tortured  and exiled by Jammeh and his criminal security apparatus.  

From the beginning Mama Kandeh promised Jammeh immunity, saying that Jammeh is a citizen of the Gambia and entitled to live his life as a free Gambian. If not his exact words this is what I understood him to have said. If this is correct, where is the justice so long denied many survivors,  the families of the dead and those who have disappeared? This cannot be allowed to happen by any true and honest Gambian. Thousands of innocent citizens killed and maimed, families deprived of their loved ones, fathers and mothers deprived of their children?  If Mama Kandeh is voted into office and allows Jammeh to live in Gambia as a free man then what will change? Nothing!! He will simply be the new captain of the same sinking ship called HMS Gambia with the same crew. In short GDC is simply the APRC under new management. Mama Kandeh is originally from the APRC and draws much of his support from former members. If he were to win the coming election what is to stop all the old Jammeh diehards joining him and continuing business as usual?  Is there a hidden deal between Jammeh and Mama Kandeh to the effect that Mama Kandeh is allowed to campaign freely on the understanding that he will grant Jammeh and former APRC operatives immunity? The evidence is purely circumstantial but it raises serious questions about Mama Kandeh and his party.

The crimes of the Jammeh regime over the past 22 years cannot simply be swept under the carpet and forgotten. Wounds that are not treated turn poisonous and could eventually kill the patient. There must be investigation and prosecution of crimes committed by this regime and especially Yaya Jammeh, who wilfully and deliberately committed these  widely documented acts. If not by the ICC, but at least by our own judiciary. Gambians are in general God fearing, peaceful and forgiving so there is room for truth and reconciliation if carried out with sensitivity and compassion.

Many Gambians are being swept along in their voting by passion and emotion, but like in a marriage “act in haste and repent at leisure”. Many Gambians , including myself, cheered at the end of the Jawara regime. The rest is history. Will it repeat itself with Mama Kandeh?

My point? Could Mama Kandeh tell Gambians what he would do about the crimes of Jammeh and his criminal regime if elected? If silent then we must believe the  worst and not vote for him.

A concerned Gambian

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