If the Coalition is voted in, all we will get is court case upon court upon court case.

Will court cases fill our stomach and create jobs? No. Any president can do that easily by not interfering with the Judiciary.

Certainly we need much more than court cases. We need economic development, we need jobs, we need better foreign policies, we need permanent electricity and water in every corner of the country, we need good town roads and we need to rebuild our Capital City the pride of every country around the world. Will you take your visitor for sightseeing to your Capital City? Banjul Capital City is a shame to take a visitor on sightseeing.

Jammeh takes all his visitors to Kanilai, which he has developed into a modern city with modern buildings, good roads, new hotels, parks and zoo, housing schemes and constant electricity and water supply and above all closed Kanilai to ordinary Gambians to visit without invitation.

What we need first and foremost is to rebuild our economy, attract foreign and local investments and create the environment for job creations.

What we need is to give back our parastatals management to government agencies and recreate the NIB (National Investment Board) to supervise their performances with set growth targets. All without the President’s interference.

What we need is take back the Gambia in the Community of Nations with mutual respect, cooperation and development.

What we need is to allay the fears of the population from the NIA coming to knock at your house at midnight.

If you truly cherish the above wishes for the people of the Gambia then VOTE for Mama Kandeh and GDC.

If you want get stuck with court proceedings and hearings only in the next three years then vote for Adama Barrow and the Coalition.

In any case voting for Yaya Jammeh is voting for FEAR, DISMISSAL, ARREST, KILLING and JAILING.

The choice is yours. December 1st is just a week from now.

Baboucarr Bojang.

Editors note: The views expressed in this write up does not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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