The euphoria is high within the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress Party (GDC) camp led by Mama Kandeh, a former ruling APRC MP, now turned Jammeh political foe. Like the opposition alliance, led by Adama Barrow, a Real Estate mogul, the GDC surrogates are also optimistic about a Mama Kandeh victory come December, 1st.

Mama-KandehDuring a chat with a GDC strong supporter recently, he told this author that his party is working on using Jammeh’s plane named: “ THE GAMBIA” to airlift diasporan Gambians interested in returning home after Mama’s victory. The GDC supporter, who sounded confident for a Mama Kandeh victory said all exiles will be offered free flight to Banjul as soon as Mama take charge of the Presidency. 

Even though, I was bit dismissive and apprehensive of Mama’s victory, the GDC surrogate and supporter tried to allay my fears of Jammeh’s possible rigging of the impending polls. He said he is confident that Mama is going to win. 

“You will all soon return home. We are certain of victory. We are working on using Jammeh’s plane to fly those interested in returning home. You will call me on December, 1st to say that my prediction has passed the test of time. Mama is going to win,” the young man told me.

I couldn’t understand how a Mama Kandeh government can pride itself using Jammeh’s plane to fly exiles back into the country.  But the GDC supporter told me that the plane belongs to Gambians.

“It is our plane. All we need to do is to buy fuel to fly diasporan Gambians interested in returning home. We are very serious about offering the diasporan community free flight to Banjul after Mama’s victory,” he said.

The GDC surrogate who is based in The Gambia, said the IEC has Mama’s back. Quizzed as to what he meant by “the IEC has Mama’s” back, the surrogate said the IEC will no doubt deliver victory to the GDC leader come December, 1st. He sounded as if the IEC will rig the elections in Mama’s favor, when we spoke. He pointed out that Mama is going to upset the results come December 1st without any rigging. 

I must admit that throughout my dealings with the GDC surrogate, he has proven to be very consistent in some of the things he told me about the GDC. He maintains that Mama was going to be passed by the IEC for the nomination, even though there was growing apprehension in some quarters about Mama’s qualifications as a Presidential hopeful. It turns out that Mama’s nomination was accepted by the Commission as inferred in the past.

I told him that it is going to take miracle for Mama to win, but he maintains that victory is theirs. Mama is going to be the Donald J Trump of The Gambia, one GDC supporter told me few weeks ago, after the GOP candidate was declared as the winner of the US Presidential elections. December, 1st will decide.

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