Until last week, she was part of the opposition alliance bandwagon crisscrossing the length and breadth of the tiny West African country, canvassing for votes for the Presidential hopeful Adama Barrow. She arrived in Dakar, this past week, claiming that her life was under increasing danger. She flees Banjul based on a well-founded fear for her life and personal safety.

diabRamzia Diab, the former Ruling APRC nominated Member of Parliament, and onetime close Jammeh surrogate told our sources in Dakar, Senegal, that she received a phone call from Yahya Jammeh’s close aides, warning her to flee the country, otherwise she risked being killed by the Kanilai despot. Ms. Diab,  is currently taking refuge in the French speaking nation. She was quoted as saying that a member of Jammeh’s inner circle phoned her and told her that she was part of  a hit list that Jammeh had compiled for possible assassination of his opponents.

“ The State House caller told Ramzia that she was part of those that Yahya Jammeh, has repeatedly said they will not witness the elections. That, she (Ramzia Diab) was shortlisted by Jammeh to be killed before election day,” said our source in Dakar.

It is not clear if the purported State House caller, meant well by alerting Ramzia to flee the country. But sources said the McCarthy born Lebanese Gambian national, had taken the threats relayed to her on the phone by a member of Jammeh’s inner circles seriously. She contacted some of her colleagues in the opposition before fleeing the country, sources said.

“Ramzia is somehow appalled that her colleagues are not talking about her sudden departure from the country. She is opening up to people she trusts by privately explaining to them what necessitated her move to leave the country. This is an old lady, who has found herself in a neighboring country without her own will. She has been forced into exile based on a threat relayed to her by someone close to Jammeh. The least we expect from the alliance is to inform Gambians, their backers, and supporters about what transpired,” said our source.

“Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow, and Isatou Jarra Touray, should not be shy from telling the truth. The duo knew what transpired. Refusing to talk about Ramzia’s case, will only give credence to Jammeh’s terror machine. She doesn’t deserve such a snub from her colleagues. She felt that there was an imminent threat on her life and as such she decided to flee the country. Now they expect Ramzia to relate her story to the outside media, when she was part of an alliance which promised to standby each other for better for worst. We haven’t seen that happening in the case of Ramzia. No press conference has been convened to expose her story to the world,” our source added.

Another source, who reached us from Dakar, said Ms. Diab met with a Gambian woman, who is engaged in media and human rights advocacy. The said lady works for an international organization.

Ramzia has been in touch with “some members of The Gambian struggle in the diaspora” since her arrival in Senegal. She doesn’t know when she will return to her home country. Her hope is for Jammeh to go come December, 1st so that she can reunite with her family.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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