Ebou Jallow, a former Jammeh ally and staunch GDC supporter, has assessed that Jammeh’s time is up with all available conventional and spiritual indications. Writing on his Facebook wall, he said: “Something is happening in Banjul… When Yaya Jammeh’s hat fell off and his wife Zainab picked it up for him, the Babli Mansa was clearly distraught.  Most Gambians could decipher the spiritual symbolism, and the verdict is not good for Yaya Jammeh.”  

Ebou JallowThe APRC campaign is in total disarray, and Yaya has now chosen to sideline and snub Yankuba Colley, his national mobilizer.  Instead, Bala Jahumpa is now running the APRC campaign.

While tacitly acknowledging the potential of the majority mandinka votes to sway the outcome of the pols, he declared it is effectively a race between Mama Kandeh and Barrow. He added: “The Mandinka elders across the country are furious, and want to distance themselves from Babili Mansa due to the slurs and insults that Yaya Jammeh has been throwing at their tribe….” 

“The writing is on the wall, and Yaya Jammeh stands a very good chance of loosing this elections because his Mandinka support base has vanished overnight.  The APRC senior party leaders are already conceding defeat to the GDC.  However, it shall be prudent to caution that this elections is in the balance between the two Jimara boys: Hon. Mama Kairaba Kandeh and Hon. Adama Barrow.  The big question is would Yaya Jammeh concede on 2 December, 2016…?”

Written By Sainey Darboe

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