Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, DCC is starting to firmly and finally believe that from a voting stand point it is over for monster Jammeh. Today. DCC agents and including The Soldier witness the biggest gathering ever. The coalition crowd is the talk of the town and seriously even us DCC we have never seen such number of cars and people. It is over for monster Jammeh, monster Jammeh start packing and exit or head to the bunkers you have dug as boreholes in Foni. Fellow Gambians, the coalition congregation was almost from Brikama all the way to Bufa Zone and DCC agents witness “fearless” Gambians insulting monster Jammeh in front of the Yundum barracks. They call him murderer, killer, rapist, tyrant, onion seller, bread seller, used clothes seller, sheep seller, “jaljalee seller”, thief, cabbage seller, etc. The coalition crowd was so humongous that traffic came to a standstill. As we speak there is massive shortage of taxis, vans, gelegeles, and even donkey carts, this is because the coalition have rented every means of transportation. Monster Jammeh was supposed to go to Faraba today and he vehemently refused to go. The dynamics against him is too much, he is facing financial issues, he is facing health issues, he is facing pressure from the west and he is also afraid as a grasshopper. He is hoping from one room to another, he is calling everyone, all he does is ask for people to call someone and pass to him. Monster Jammeh what happened to the JINNS that are supposed to vote for you. Monster Jammeh is shocked that Gambians have the audacity to burn his pictures and tear down any APRC banners on the road. DCC agents witnessed this and DCC is warning the police that they are being monitored and should not allow monster Jammeh to drag them to arresting people for no reason.  Monster Jammeh is working on a plan for not to accept the election results and we will come back to that. The welcome of president Adama Barrow is a clear testimony that he will be the ultimate winner.

Fellow Gambians, monster Jammeh’s mom is packing, that the Mandikos are going to take over. She is panicked and even devil Zeinab is in panic mode and DCC can confirm that she is packing. Gambian should not be surprised if monster Jammeh declare the election NULL and VOID. People in state house and Kanilai are in panic mood. The mother and devil Zeinab are blaming monster Jammeh for causing this issue, he insulted Mandikas for no reason. Why did devil Zeinab wait until now blaming monster Jammeh for causing this issue, devil Zeinab why not go on GRTS and apologize to Mandikas and Gambians. Where were you when monster Jammeh was raping young girls and stealing all the money, were you not the one who is taking the money and building malls and owns multiple businesses in the Middle East. DCC knows where these are and God willing, all these will be returned to Gambia. Fellow Gambians Zeinab is complaining that she cannot travel to America because she and her entire entourage has been refused visas. For now she can only travel to France. She is so angry that she has recall Mariam Jammeh from America who is back in the Gambian campaigning for her father. Mariama AKA Mimi had the audacity to throw APRC T-shirt to DCC agents and DCC agents burnt all the APRC items. Yes Gambians, there is total chaos inside statehouse to the point where Mariama Jammeh has been withdrawn from school and she is also campaigning for her father and will join her father when they start to run towards the border. DCC is suspecting that Mariam Jammeh’s school visa has been revoke, we will be shocked if she returns back to America. TIME WILL TELL. On Tuesday Monster Jammeh held a late night meeting with all the top ranking JOLAS and security chiefs and demanding unconditional loyalty, on the spot he asked everyone to renew their oath of allegiance to him. They were all shocked and monster Jammeh told them to prepare for the worst. Yankuba Badjie and NIA stop intimidating people, we know all of you. Our fellow JOLAS should be wary of monster Jammeh blackmails, don’t fall for this trap. You are better off supporting and voting for the coalition. Do not believe him when he said that he will make sure that all JOLAS in Cassamance can migrate to the Gambia and he will support them. This monster supports only one person in this world, and it is DEVIL ZEINAB, period. Monster Jammeh promised the JOLAS delegation that he will move the capital from Banjul to Kanilai, do not believe this. Monster Jammeh is in the process of transforming Gambia into a Kingdom so that he can be the eternal KING. He confessed during the meeting that even the entire last army batch are all from Cassamance. DCC cannot confirm this but monster Jammeh said so. During the meeting monster Jammeh also instructed the security chiefs that all security officers must welcome him everywhere he goes. But he also warned them that they MUST prepare in case of eventually – RUNNING TO THE BORDER. 

DCC is appealing to every Gambian with a clean conscience to vote for the coalition led by Adama Barrow. This is simple logic, united we stand, divided we fall. Dictator Jammeh has served for 22 years and all he has done is take us 100 years backwards. Let us give the COALITION a chance and VOTE for the next President of our dear land Adama Barrow:

With President Barrow there will be no raping of innocent young Gambian girls

With President Barrow there will be no torture, jailing and dismissals

With Presidnet Barrow there will be justice 

With  President Barrow there will be no jailing of elders such as Ousainou Darboe and others. 

With President Barrow the country will not be divided, we will be united and have a solid relationships with the western countries.

With President Barrow all the Children and youths will have a bright future

With President Barrow there will be no backway syndrome

With President Barrow Imams, Alkalos, Governors will not be afraid for their lives

With President Barrow Gambians will save lives

With President Barrow people will not disappear

With President Barrow everyone is save

With President Barrow Gambia will not be sanctioned and people will be able to travel

With President Barrow there will not be massive arrest of Marabouts

With President Barrow every Gambian can speak their mind

So Fellow Gambians “ PLEASE” let’s all UNITE and join 1 Gambia and the Coalition

This is life or death situation, standup for your LIFE. 

Call your family, friends and TELL THEM to vote for PRESIDENT BARROW

Monster Jammeh must go no matter what, Gambians rise up. Monster Jammeh be forewarned that Gambians are ready to take their country back, nothing will stop us this time around, we are not afraid of your army, nothing can scare us. 

Fellow Gambians, DCC can also report that there is going to be shortage of cash very soon. People are going to the banks and withdrawing money in massive numbers, they are all saying they cannot on this election take any chances. In the meantime, DCC agents are also neutralizing and dispelling monster Jammeh’s spiritual waters. Dictator Jammeh is sending more than 10 tinted pickups at night to sprinkle spiritual water at night around Banjul and other places. But DCC agents are drinking a lot of water and urinating after the pickups depart. Dictator Jammeh do you want to deny of such operations. DCC agents are on the ground and urinating and dispelling your JINNS. Monster Jammeh do you also want to deny that during your meeting in Soma you took 100 names of FULLA girls, DCC is privy to a lot of sensitive information. DCC is warning the people in SOMA that these girls will be called before the election and they may disappear. DCC knows the soldiers who collected the names of the FULA girls. Also Gambians do you know why the rogue NIA led by Yankuba Badjie rushed Momodou Sabally to court? According to one of our top DCC NIA agent Momodou Sabally is on hunger strike and if not bail soon something will happen to him soon. He is refusing to eat or drink, and he looks very pale and weak. Momodou Sabally has been warned so many times, even our boss and hero Pa Nderry Mbai one time told him to skip town but he refused. This time around Momodou Sabally is saying that he has nothing to lose and he is better off dying. One of the reasons why Momodou Sabally is under state custody is because of devil Zeinab picture which was published during the so call Gambia Green program. Devil Zeinab reported Sabally to monster Jammeh that the video was ugly and inappropriate. From now on both GRTS and the Daily Observer must get confirmation and approval from devil Zeinab before they published her video or photo.

Fellow Gambians, whilst monster Jammeh was at Basse a big drama unfolded where the APRC UK branch led by Pa Modou  Mbowe and Pierre Minter were at logger head and monster Jammeh had to be the referee. They are all reporting each other and same time trying to mix monster Jammeh with the Kombo APRC militants. They were telling monster Jammeh that some APRC supporters in Banjul are the ones informing Freedom Newspapers about him. They met the dictator at Basse and Pierre Minteh and Modou Mbowe were present, the international community should monitor these dangerous people. Monster Jammeh told them not to worry and he will address the issue after election. They even reported several ministers accusing them of being informants to Freedom Newspaper. Monster Jammeh pushed them aside because he is furious about low turnouts around the country. 

Fellow Gambians, another monster Gambians should be wary of is Minister of local government and land Amul Nyassi. DCC is aware of your evil ways to rig the election in Foni, double registration and under age registration. Amul your hands are already stained with blood, where is your uncle former chief Modou Lamin Nyassi and co? Amul are you not the one who reported them to the junglers through Alagie Martin and monster Jammeh. Amul when your brother Bakary Nyassi was arrested and detained at Brusbi police station you used to curse and insult monster Jammeh and made remarks that you regretted voting for him. DCC will not spare anyone who wants to help monster Jammeh rig this election. DCC agents are on the ground and we are monitoring you. 

DCC can confirm to you that during election day the polling station agents will directly call monster Jammeh. Monster Jammeh usually takes a mattress in his office and will have the entire cabinet come to the office. He will be taking short naps on the filthy mattress which is stained with sperm and blood from the innocent Gambian girls he raped. Dictator Jammeh normally gets the numbers before they are announced to the public. Monster Jammeh has started dismissing and arresting the MANDIKA election announcers, there is a reason for that. Finally before we go to the next topic, Gambians and the coalition should pay special attention to what monster Jammeh said at the Bansang meeting. Dictator Jammeh told the crowd that he is not there to ask them to vote for him, ALLAH and the JINNS will vote for him and if anyone wants to be the next president then they have to do it the way he did it. He said that when he came to power he did come to power through the voting system. One thing about monster Jammeh when he wants to do something he cannot hide it. In a nutshell he is saying that regardless of the outcome of the election HE WILL NOT STEP DOWN.

Fellow Gambians, DCC knows that this is a lot to read but every Gambians from now on until election day should spend all their time, money and energy into ensuring that monster Jammeh is gone forever and God willing we will jail him into a jail that is so transparent that one can see him from the high way inside MILE-2. It will be a sophisticated glass cell!!! On a last note DCC is appealing to Gambians and the coalition on the ground to take their time to read the following guidelines so that they can prevent or reduce the way IEC and monster Jammeh are planning to rig the election. Once again as reported in our previous publication IEC has receive money and directives that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should they certify or report that monster Jammeh has lost the election. Post-election and if the IEC chairman is brave and willing to confess to Gambians he will CONFIRM what DCC has reported. Chairman Alieu Njie please confess to Gambians, run to Senegal and tell the Gambians the truth.  One day the truth will come out, the future of our youths are in your hand, TELL THE TRUTH. 

Based on information we received from DCC agents on the ground who have participated and witnessed past elections, this is what monster Jammeh and IEC are planning to execute:

  • IEC and monster Jammeh are planning to pre-fill some of the ballot boxes and will switch them at necessary heavily populated Mandika areas
  • NIA and security officers will be present at all polling stations for intimidation
  • Coalition should not trust all their polling agents, do not drink attaya or food from outside, they will make you go to sleep during counting.
  • Dead bodies voters cards will be used
  • Some cards will be duplicated
  • Under age votes will take place
  • Illiterate voters – Don’t allow APRC to help them
  • IEC will reject legitimate voters in areas where monster Jammeh is expected to lose
  • Fake voters – more than registered voters 
  • Village intimidation will take place at night and governors will be involved in the activity
  • Not announcing polling stations on time to frustrate coalition to give up and go home
  • More security officers will vote more than on state payroll 
  • Transportation problems in areas where monster Jammeh is expected to lose
  • Misuse of state resources will be massive, will use state vehicles to transport APRC voters
  • Army will vote in multiple voting places
  • Falsifying of certification and signatures at Polling stations 
  • Falsifying tallies from polling stations
  • Delay the delivery of ballot boxes and switch them
  • Delivering mixed up ballots or the wrong ones
  • Telling those in the queues to go home when the official closing time is due
  • Harassing Opposition agents; employing unorthodox methods to transferring ballot boxes to particular locations and while replacing them with pre-filled ballot boxes
  • Ballot boxes are counted at different places from the polling stations thereby creating opportunities for introducing contraband boxes while arranging for the genuine ones to disappear during transportation
  • Coalition to ensure their results are tallied and published before those of the government agency
  • Control of state media – Announcers are all in monster Jammeh’s pockets, this is why dictator Jammeh is dismissing some of the Mandika announcers
  • Install cronies to run the polls 
  • Ensure all likely supporters vote , members of the army, air force, police and prisons service
  • Reduce independent election scrutiny
  • Senior ranks have been rewarded with farms and business opportunities, junior ranks threatened with the sack if they vote for the coalition
  • Stuff the voters’ roll with the names of dead people
  • Polling stations will be full of security officials
  • Will give huge amounts of money to Mandika elders through the respective governors
  • Double the number of polling stations and place them in regime strongholds
  • If all else fails, RIG the result and declare results NULL and VOID

 Gambians please take these tips very seriously and monster Jammeh will do anything to stay in power. The coalition should print this guideline and train their agents. And one person the coalition should watch is AMADOU, he is the conduit between monster Jammeh and the IEC chairman. Since DCC reported that monster Jammeh talks to the IEC chairman at night, dictator Jammeh now sends his instructions to the IEC chairman through AMADOU. DCC is warning ministers and governors to not interfere with the election, the WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, SOLO SANDENG, MILE-2 NINE, and December 2014 Martyrs.

Written By The Soldier

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