Ruling APRC political surrogates have just visited The Gambia High School to assembly the students, who are supposed to vote on Thursday’s elections, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The APRC delegation are supposed to make a second visit to the school on Tuesday, in which they are expected to coach, and induce the students to vote for dictator Yahya Jammeh. Mr. Jammeh is seeking a fifth term mandate. He is facing two challengers in the upcoming race.

It is our understanding that similar visits were made to other schools across the country. Jammeh is making a last minute campaign to win the students’ votes byforce. He is even issuing threats against students and school authorities,  who failed to vote for him on election day. Members of the security forces have been subjected to similiar threats by Jammeh’s agents. 

Some of the registered students are underage kids. They are not qualified to vote. The Electoral Law states that kids below the age of eighteen cannot vote. The stipulated age for voting in The Gambia is eighteen and above.

Some of the students at The Gambia High School told the Freedom Newspaper that they felt being intimidated to vote for Jammeh. They said they don’t want to vote for Jammeh this time around. 

” Some APRC and government officials came to the school today to ask us to vote for the President. They reminded us about the money the President gave us shortly after the secret IEC registration of students in schools. They also told us that the President is going to give us money if we voted for him. They are supposed to come to the school on Tuesday, the second time, to coach us and win our confidence. I, do not want to vote for Yahya Jammeh, but the APRC folks are telling us that the President is only one person, who can run this country. They said if we do not vote for Jammeh, he will know it. I will update you with info about tomorrow’s meeting,” said one of the students. 

Meanwhile, thousands of non-Gambians from neighboring Senegal have been hosted at the former President’s Awards’ Scheme in Bakau, the Independence Stadium, the old Atlantic Hotel, Gambia College, Kanilai, and elsewhere across the country. ECOWAS, has boycotted the elections. The regional body said some of its conditions for free, fair and transparent elections have not been met. Thefore, ECOWAS said it will not observe the Decemeber, 1st elections in The Gambia. The Chairman of the IEC Alieu Mamar Njai was on BBC lamenting about the ECOWAS’s move to boycott the polls. 

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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