Reaffirming his recent statement of brutally crushing any post elections violence, dictator Yahya Jammeh, who is seeking for his fifth term mandate said The Gambia is going to be an exception as far as maintaining peace, stability and tranquility is concerned. Mr. Jammeh vowed to crush any form protest coming from the opposition now and after the elections. He admonished his countrymen to stay away from any form of violence that will upset the nation’s fragile peace.

jammeh newMr. Jammeh was speaking at Buffer-Zone today, where APRC militants thronged field to welcome their leader. A panic stricken and confused looking Jammeh, calls for peace post elections saying that he will not condone violence in any form.

Mr. Jammeh also used the Buffer-Zone meeting to reassure the Christian Community about their right to worship freely in the country despite his recent transformation of The Gambia as an Islamic State. Jammeh took a jab at his critics in the opposition, who are using his recent declaration of the country as an Islamic State to get votes from Christians.  

 “The Christians are not my enemies. As a Muslim, you cannot hate people because of their religion,” Jammeh said adding that the right to freedom of worship is guaranteed by the country’s constitution.  

Mr. Jammeh also told his supporters to translate the gatherings following him into victory election day. He said he is going to be upset if there is a voter apathy.

“Voter apathy is a crime that would not be tolerated,” Jammeh tells his followers. He also advised students to be God fearing and be respectful to their parents.

Mr. Jammeh, who is expected to address a meeting in Bakau later this evening criticized the thirty years Jawara rule and 400 years of British colonialism. He said both eras haven’t brought development to the shores of the Gambia, but underdevelopment.

Jammeh praised his twenty two years rule by saying “ during my rein, you have highways, hospitals and schools.” Jammeh also said there is potable drinking water in the country, while access to secondary school is free in The Gambia—the only nation on the continent championing such developmental goals. He said come 2018, university education is going to be free in The Gambia.

Mr. Jammeh said Jawara’s government was insensitive to the plight of the poor man. He recalled the introduction of “TESITO” by the First Republic. He said the concept of TESITO was to compel communities to build their own schools, hospitals and roads. He said students from poor backgrounds were required by the former Jawara regime to bring their own table and chairs to school. Jammeh said that’s history now in The Gambia, under his rule. He said education has been revamped, and students are enjoying free scholarships.

APRC Chief political strategist Balla Jahumpa said Mr. Jammeh is embodiment of peace and development. He praised Jammeh for his leadership qualities and love for country.

Foreign Minister Neneh Macdouall-Gaye, and Pierre Minteh, a Gambian diplomat assigned to the US, both spoke at the Buffer-Zone meeting. The duo commended Jammeh for sponsoring poor Gambians to study locally and internationally.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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