As Presidential candidates wrap up their campaign at midnight tonight, Gambia’s deranged and unhinged dictator Yahya Jammeh, said he is one of the best Presidents The Gambia, has ever had, and therefore he “will not accept less than one percent of Gambia’s population to jeopardize the peace, tranquility and development of this country.” Mr. Jammeh addresses poorly attended rallies in Bakau, and elsewhere in the Greater Banjul Area on Monday.

“I am not saying I am the best, but I can say I am better that any one you have in this country. I am the president of all Gambians and let me make it very clear that I will not allow one percent to jeopardize the peace, tranquility and development of this country. I will never accept that,” Jammeh warned.

Mr. Jammeh is seeking for his fifth term in office. He came to power through a coup in July of 1994. He first ran under the ticket of the APRC, a party he formed in 1996, and purportedly won the elections.

During the weekend, Jammeh was booed in Banjul, by supporters of the newly formed opposition alliance led by Adama Barrow. He was travelling to the Kombos, when he met with the alliance’s convoy around the Arch 22 Square. Some of the women even had to bend down  to expose their backside (private parts)  to the dictator, as a form of wishing him bad luck, a source told this medium. 

On arrival in the KMC region, Jammeh’s convoy ran over Mama Kandeh’s supporters on the busy Latriku-Kunda road. Jammeh later slowed down as he met with Mama Kandeh on the road. Both leaders complimented each other, before Mama’s entourage were forced to divert their trip to another route. 

“Gambians go and vote December first between you, the mighty Allah and your conscience. It is not my business, because I am grateful and caring people, progressive people, of those who want to worship the mighty Allah in peace, those who don’t want their children to end up in refugee camps you know where to vote for. My Presidency and power are in the hands of Allah,” a desperate Jammeh told his followers.

Written By A Correspondent 

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