There is chaos and panic in the Jammeh campaign train! The campaign is in complete disarray. Dictator Yahya Jammeh himself is increasingly worried. Jammeh’s reelection for a fifth term mandate is hanging on the balance. The streets are more attractive to the opposition compared to incumbent dictator Jammeh. This is evident on Jammeh’s poorly attended rallies. His campaign themes are the least resonating with the electorate. Gambians have had it enough with the empty Jammeh political promises and rhetoric. 

Flanked by his Education Minister Fatou Lamin Faye,  local ward elders, handful of supporters, and Works Minister Balla Jahumpa, and APRC Chief propagandist, and political operative, confused looking Jammeh is seemingly worried about the momentum gathered by the opposition alliance led by Adama Barrow, a Real Estate businessman, who is backed by eight opposition parties.  His former party member, now turned political foe Mama Kandeh, has also shaken Jammeh’s support base with half of the APRC defecting to his newly formed political party—The Gambia Democratic Congress Party (GDC).



Word from the streets say it is going to take miracle for Jammeh to win—given the different opposing forces confronting him. Jammeh is a one man political isolationist opposing a determined nation committed to effect political change. He can only secure a reelection through voter rigging.

Gambia’s electoral register is dominated by death people, exiled citizens, underage voters and non-Gambians. With few days before the elections, the opposition hasn’t vetted the register yet. This means that all kinds of phony voters; ghost or real will partake in the elections. 

Gambians use marbles to cast their ballot. There is no information available as to where the marbles have been secured and its place of storage after polling. Allegations of miscounting or inaccurate accounting of marbles cast voting day occasionally rife in town.

Despite Jammeh’s electoral thievery game plan, the morale in Jammeh’s campaign is on its lowest ebb. APRC Campaign officials, who doesn’t want to be named for fear of facing reprisal from the mad dog dictator, told the Freedom Newspaper that the end is near for Jammeh’s rule.

“The opposition has stolen the show in this election. Jammeh has invested millions to use Nigerian celebrities, movie stars, and Senegalese comedians just to attract Gambians into his meeting, but to no avail. Gambians are not showing up at his rallies. We are increasingly worried Mr. M’Bai. We do not know what we have done to Gambians to warrant such a national snub. We have been putting up a lot of efforts, energy, and resources to sell our messages across, but to our dismay Gambians are not responding. The President is increasingly worried. He is not sure about what will happen on December, 1st,” said a senior member of Jammeh’s campaign.

“We heard you the other day saying on the radio that tribal politics has dominated this campaign season. That’s true. You are right. Jammeh has burnt so many bridges since his reelection in 2011. His recent attempt to insult, threaten, and alienate the Mandinka tribe from the other ethnic groups is biting him on the butt. The Fullas have united against Jammeh by supporting Mama Kandeh. His own ethic group—the Jollas, relatively a minority tribe, have defected to Kandeh, and some to the alliance. The Christianity Community have also turned their back against Jammeh—given his recent move to transform this country as an Islamic State. The failed economy, and collapsed infrastructure have also contributed to Jammeh’s low political ratings. There are so many forces fighting Jammeh. Here at the campaign, we are not sure if he will secure another reelection. We are all worried. Things doesn’t look good for Jammeh. Our biggest worry is post election violence. He doesn’t look like someone, who will concede to the opposition if he loses,” said the APRC campaign official.

The Gambia is at crossroads. The opposition is also saying that they will not settle for anything other than victory. They are convinced that victory is theirs and not Jammeh.

Gambia’s election Chairman Alieu Mama Njai told the BCC in an interview that he wouldn’t hesitate to announce the opposition as the winner of the elections if the opposition secures more votes than incumbent Jammeh. Mr. Njai said his office will ensure that the polls are free, fair and transparent.

In the meantime, the Gambian state is warning against post elections violence. The office of the Inspector General of police claimed that ruling APRC supporters have suffered numerous attacks from the opposition. The IGP says such “hooliganism” will not be tolerated now and after polling day.

Mr. Jammeh, the onetime De Facto dictator of The Gambia, has become an underdog in this election cycle. If elections do not remove him, he is likely to be chased out of office by a popular uprising or through a mutiny. The writings are on the wall for all to see. There is growing resentment all over the country. Jammeh’s time is up!

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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