Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, DCC agents just dispersed from the APRC Banjul meeting. DCC agents are vigilant and we have gathered a lot of information. Fellow Gambians, DCC can again confirm to you that it is OVER for dictator Jammeh. There is no way he can win, it’s impossible and he will either run or declare the election NULL and VOID. According to a top DCC agent, monster Jammeh and family had a strange meeting yesterday and everyone is in panic mood. Dictator Jammeh cannot still believe that people don’t want him and he has reached a crossroad. According to the DCC agent, this strange family meeting did not go well. Monster Jammeh’s mom Asombi Bojang, who advised her son to concede the election and let the coalition take over. She plainly told dictator Jammeh to step down and listen to the Gambian people. But devil Zeinab is telling monster Jammeh not to go anywhere. Monster Jammeh’s mom is seeking for a peaceful transition and made it clear to monster Jammeh that he has to consider the entire extended family and not cause any trouble. But devil Zeinab who is greedy is advising monster Jammeh not to step down. The entire family is in panic. Monster Jammeh was very quiet and he has reach a crossroad and must make a decision, either to listen to his mother or follow the devil. DCC can predict that monster Jammeh will not listen to his mother but to the only person he knows, that is devil Zeinab. They are both wicked people and cantankerous. 

DCC can also report that monster Jammeh has an exit plan and has an agreement with the government of Mauritania. As we speak, the dictator’s plane is on standby and is awaiting for instructions to fly and flee to Mauritania. The government of Mauritania is expecting monster Jammeh, this is coming from DCC agent “flat face”, he never fails. People at the airport can confirm this. DCC agents also learned and reported that since Monday top government officials were seen packing, they all know that Adama Barrow will be the next president of the Gambia.

According to one of DCC top agent at state house, another secret meeting transpired yesterday between monster Jammeh and his top army officers. For the second time Saul Badjie, was not invited to the meeting. Dictator Jammeh told them that should there be a need to fight they need to defend the regime by all means necessary. The majority of the rank and file did not agree with monster Jammeh, they are all thinking of their families. DCC can confirm to you that majority of the security will not support or vote for monster Jammeh. It is obvious and people are not even hiding about it.

Fellow Gambians, in another development top government officials were again seen withdrawing all their money from all the banks. There are long lines everywhere, this is unbelievable. Besides cash withdrawal, top government officials who are just criminals like monster Jammeh were seen at the ministry of land and regional government changing names on title deeds. The ministry was so busy, people are coming in and out trying to change the names on title deeds. They can smell that it is over and they are trying to maintain the compounds they acquired illegally. 

Fellow Gambians, in another development DCC is also hereby exposing monster Jammeh that he purchased a large amount of TEAR GAS from Turkey and dictator Jammeh is planning to use it during or after the election. The coalition should take this information seriously and monster Jammeh will use this poisonous gas against the people he is supposed to protect. What monster Jammeh fails to understand is that people are not afraid anymore. Gambians are fearless and they are even calling him “DROSS” and “ONION” seller. Everybody is going to come out in large numbers with their Gambian flags. Monster Jammeh will be shocked when the soldiers he is relying on join the coalition, time will tell. The soldiers will be jubilating and dancing with the mass. DCC is also warning the coalition to be vigilant and tell their polling agents to be attentive and not fall for any trap. Monster Jammeh has requested for the names of all coalition polling agents and he is planning to bribe some of them with a lot of money. Coalition PLEASE take this information seriously. NIA are working on this list and they will give the names to monster Jammeh on Wednesday. The coalition polling agents should not accept any bribes from monster Jammeh, it is coming.

Fellow Gambians, monster Jammeh is so angry with the people in the diaspora that he said that if he wins the election all the monies coming into the country MUST go through the central bank so that he can levy a heavy fee and steal all of it. He is furious that the people in the diaspora are sponsoring the coalition. This is why people need to vote and put monster Jammeh in jail. Dictator Jammeh is planning to ban all money transfer bureaus. DCC is also warning RAMBO JATTA, SHERRIF BOJANG, ALIEU JAMMEH to get out of the country NOW. Yankuba Colley head for the border, there is a special team of mercenary monitoring you, monster Jammeh is blaming you for his failure.  

Gambians another person who is helping and abetting monster Jammeh is LAMIN MANGA. He is the one coordinating and managing the invitation of Nigerian actors who are helping monster Jammeh on his campaign. Besides LAMIN MANGA have been giving special instructions to execute on GRTS. DCC is warning LAMIN MANGA to leave the country now.

Youths of Gambia, take out all your smartphones and start taking pictures during and after election. Take pictures of any security officer who is abusing their powers. For those soldiers who have decided to side with monster Jammeh, the Gambian people will deal with you in the proper way. Gambians just know that monster Jammeh and his criminals will not use a lot of tinted cars, rather, they will be using taxis to commit crimes. They are already working on this, they know that if the people see any tinted vehicle they may be attacked. So they will use public transportation and ordinary cars so that the public will not suspect anything. They have already started parking the tinted pickups. The other funny thing that is happening is monster Jammeh’s APRC militants and supporters are using the money he gave them for their own personal use. They were told to pay a lot of people to attend monster Jammey rallies and they chop the money. 

Even in Foni, there is big division, monster Jammeh killed many people including his own family members like Aruna Jammeh, Marcie Jammeh. Dictator Jammeh killed Chief Manneh, he killed Solo Sendeng and many others. Yankuba Badjie we are aware of your evil ways to intimidate voters. Timothy NIA agent we know you and we are monitoring you. Students don’t vote for Jammeh, don’t sell your future. As we speak monster Jammeh gave over 5000 scholarships to members of his family some of whom are in America, UK, and China. Let’s all sacrifice for the future of our kids. Operation BALANGBA starts right now. DCC agents are going underground and we will talk to you soon. Monster Jammeh step down now and go. Devil Zeinab DCC agents cannot wait to arrest you, you will pay for every ounce of pain Gambians went through. Devil Zeinab it is over, DCC told you a long time ago, you can run but you cannot HIDE.  

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, SOLO SANDENG, MILE-2 NINE, and December 2014 Martyrs.

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