As reported by the Soldier, dictator Yahya Jammeh has laid down his exit strategy in the event of an unmanageable public uprising, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Gambia Navy Sources have intimated that the panic-stricken dictator has asked them to deploy two navy boats in Bwiam, and Bitang. The game plan is for Jammeh to cast his ballot and retreat in Kanilai after voting. He is going to be Kanilai to wait for the results of the elections.

According to Navy sources, one of the boats is anchored in Bwiam, and the other in Bintang. Jammeh wants to use the boats to flee the country in the event of an uprising.

Aviation sources also told this paper that Jammeh’s plane has been fueled and is on standby. The same sources said Jammeh might likely not use the plane to flee—given the fact that Senegal might deny him access to their airspace. That’s why Jammeh has decided to station navy boats in Bwiam and Bintang, sources said.

Gambians are going to the polls on Thursday. The opposition alliance flag bearer Adama Barrow stands a better chance of winning the elections. Mama Kandeh of the opposition GDC has been gaining ground during the campaign trail.

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