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Reports reaching the Command Centre, confirm that President Jammeh has actually shut down the Internet Gateway and International Telephone services to the Gambia. A Presidential Directive instructed national Internet Service Providers to close down internet and International telephone services, just a few hours away from the scheduled presidential elections on Thursday 1st December 2016. 
jaiteh-prof-2Also as we draft this Press statement, information is coming in that the Gambian border with Senegal has also been closed from the Gambian side of the border. The Command Center is working to Confirm this.  We will bring you confirmation as soon as we receive them.
This information is not likely to be published by official sources as it will confirm the long held predictions by many Gambians that the government will resort to nefarious tactics to steal the electoral verdict away from the desire of the Gambian people; by subverting the process and abusing his power of incumbency to gain illegitimate advantage in this election. It is clear that Jammeh’s APRC government is attempting to isolate the Gambia from the international community and the Diaspora by unplugging the internet; so as to commit more electoral fraud and/or embark on the long rumoured pre-election violence,to frighten opposition voters from voting for the candidate of the coalition of opposition parties – Mr. Adama Barrow.
The Command Centre is urging Gambians both at home and abroad to remain vigilant and focus, as we near Election Day, with every pair of eyes firmly fixed on the ultimate prize,which is a victory for the Coalition under the leadership of Adama Barrow, no matter what obstacles are placed in our path. 
The Command Center has been hard at work from the beginning of this saga to alleviate the presenting challenges, with the aim of  developing feasible solutions quickly and minimizing the overall impact on the electoral process.  

Updates will be brought to you as and when we are able to confirm them. 
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Command Centre Team Leader
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