What was General Saul Badjie doing around the vicinity of GRTS on Tuesday night? What was General Badjie doing around the vicinity of the Old Post Office along the Kairaba Avenue road? Why was General Badjie leaning on his car watching soldiers beating opposition supporters?

saul-badjieFolks, General Saul Badjie, was spotted around the aforementioned places late Tuesday evening. His conduct was suspicious. He was sitting idly watching his soldiers beating the alliance supporters. Someone out there is trying to manipulate the fragile peace to hijack the oppositions’ looming victory in this election season. Unsuspecting soldiers are being used to harass and assault their own countrymen. The goal is to create a security breach so that Badjie and co can takeover. These criminal soldiers in uniform are up to no good. 

The Old Post Office is not far from GRTS and the Africell main corporate office. General Badjie’s presence at the said location raises suspicion. Our agents on the ground even walked pass him. Badjie doesn’t know that someone intelligent was watching him from a distance, He is not security conscious at all. 

If the opposition supporters had reacted to the soldiers harassment and acted otherwise, General Badjie would have walked into the GRTS building and announce that he is taking over. Badjie is not as clean as many perceived him to be. His own guards (the Republican Guards) were at Kairaba Avenue harassing and beating opposition supporters.

General Badjie, is a disgruntled officer, but he is not sure of what he wants. He is not in support of all what Yahya Jammeh says or does. Badjie is one of the poorly educated officers, who happens to be running the state today. He could have overthrown Jammeh longtime ago, but he doesn’t trust his instincts. 

Now that the country is at crossroads, he is being groomed by the foolish dictator to hijack the oppositions’ victory. Jammeh is going to use and abuse him in the process. Just watch! 

On the other hand, General Badjie is telling some folks close to him that he doesn’t approve Jammeh’s heavy handedness against our people, but as the English man says ” seeing is believing.” We saw General Badjie live near the Old Post Office on Tuesday night leaning on his car, while his soldiers have declared a war against unarmed civilians. Badjie never asked his soldiers to stop the bearings. The incident was unprovoked. 

Today is polling day. Gambians should not be surprised if General Badjie and his men hijacked Adama Barrow’s victory in the name of maintaining national security. There are so many security movements taking place in Banjul at this hour. We will keep you posted with developments. 

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