Big Congratulations To Mr. Pa Nderry Mbai and Diasporan Gambians, The Generals in the Security Councils, the IEC Chairman and All Those who sacrificed their lives, time and energy to Save The Gambia

Dear Pa,

Our prediction for Adama Barrow to lead Yaya Jammeh in the polls was spot on. We predicted Jammeh to have 40% of the votes with a margin of error of 4%. Jammeh only managed to achieve 36.7% of the total votes cast. A dismal record for a sitting president who told the whole world that it will take a ‘divine intervention’ to make him lose elections. 

Thanks to the wisdom of the security heads in the security council and the new Interior minister’s intervention, their timely action helped to curb a devastating political backlash with serious consequences for the lives of the people. These wise generals who were sworn to protect the lives, safety and security of the citizens were able to persuade Jammeh to abjure the use of force and allow his sense of nationalism by putting Gambia first. Without their intervention, we would have been counting the number of casualties from a leader who take delight in murdering his own people.

We also have to be grateful to the IEC chairman for his steadfastness and commitment to see a free and fair elections this time, helped turnaround what would have been a controversial elections to a peaceful transition of power. 

But it would be an understatement not to extend a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Pa Nderry Mbai who has selflessly dedicated his entirely life towards the struggle to liberate Gambians form Jammeh’s reign of terror by constantly exposing the human right abuses, corruption and double-standards of his regime and those sycophants serving his government. Pa, you and your Freedom Newspaper is a household name in the Gambia. May you and all those diasporan Gambians who had contributed enormously to save our country to prosper in all your endeavors.

Let us all pray in our Mosques, Churches and private homes in the coming days for peaceful transition of power and not to ever have a leader in the person of Yaya Jammeh whom Gambians have given everything- love, loyalty, privilege, protection and support only turn around and became an abusive dictator.

We now have to start a fight to cut the cancer of opportunism, tribalism, cronyism and the subjugation of personal liberties and bring in a new era of hope, togetherness and prosperity to all Gambians. 

Ahamdoulilah! God Bless The Gambia.

Insider Analyst

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