Dear Mr Mbai,

From the bottom my heart, I would like to extend my gratitude to you and the entire Freedom Newspaper Group. Because you have been instrumental in effecting change in our beloved mother THE GAMBIA because from the inception of your medium, you have been empowering Gambians to take ownership of their country and to be honest, Pa you have played crucial and vital role in the liberation of The Gambia.

You have succeeded in demystifying Yahya Jammeh and you have brought light the malpractices and the violation of rule of law in Gambia.

Pa however lets also give credit where its due as Jammeh have come to realize that the will of the people must be respected and i commend him for being bold enough to concede defeat.

 I am hereby appealing to Gambia to look forward and make Gambia a better country as it was.

To my brothers and sisters in Foni, we are one and they are Gambians like any other citizens, they are innocent all the atrocities committed by the regime.

Long live The Republic of The Gambia.

Long live Pa Nderry Mbai

Long live Freedom Newspaper.

Yours in the service of our nation.

Gun Man AKA Modou Touray

PS If you can publish it on the newspaper.


Hi Pa,

I and many of us have to commend you for the wonderful job you have done and still doing for your nation. I am one of the people you have woken up from slumber. I have to admit that.well done.  I can’t just thank you enough from day one you stood your ground with very few people believe in you but now you win with lots of people believe in you.and do you what am very happy but if I think that you can finally go to gambia on your own will I feel happier bro take care mein all the best.

Written By T Faye


I am Gambian living in the Gambia and want to take this opportunity to congratulate you for job well done. I can no longer wait but express my sincerely appreciation for your job well done in the past years fighting for the liberation for our nation. Pa for me I have never involve in writing to you but I have been reading your website daily to know more about what is going on in the Gambia and I cannot wait any more but to tell you how happy am I with you. Pa if I know what letter to use in thanking you I would have borrow that world to thank you but God know the best and may Allah give you long life and happiness. Pa if you are coming to the Gambia and I know it, I will be those who will welcome you at the airport to give you a mass welcome in the country.

The role you play in day in day out to let this day is over emphasize and believe me you are an hero and the Gambian people should thank you for your job well done.

today is another day for us to see we are free from 22 years of been but in one hole without a door but now we are free and thank again for your support.


Written By Samba Sey


Hello Pa Nderry

My name is Mor DIOP and I have always  been listening to your program.
It is difficult for me to choose the right words to thank you and congratulate you. You have been doing a wonderful job throughout. May ALLAH shower his blessings on you and your entire team.
What you are doing is a mission bestowed by GOD on your shoulder and you shall continue that (maybe in another level).
Merci infiniment
Written By Mor Diop
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