Gambia: Coup In The Making? General Badjie To Order For A Dawn To Dusk Curfew Tonight!


A curfew is about to be announced in The Gambia in coming hours amid reports of a planned coup to be staged by dictator Yahya Jammeh’s loyalists to undermine President elect Adama Barrow’s well earned electoral victory, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. General Saul Badjie, the De Facto Gambian President and Commander of the Republic Guards has notified the relevant units under his Command about the impending curfew. The curfew is going to be enforced tonight until tomorrow midday, according to our agent planted at the State House. Dictator Yahya Jammeh is behind the planned mutiny staged to disrupt the democratic process.

barrow-in-nbrYahya Jammeh’s concession speech to President elect Adama Barrow was a decoy to fool the alliance team. Jammeh has no plans of succumbing power anytime soon. He has no other alternative, but to concede for now. But plans are afoot to disrupt the verdict of The Gambian people through a palace coup. 

On the night of the elections, Yahya Jammeh instructed a certain unit in the security forces to invade Radio Gambia and prevent the IEC Chairman Alieu Mamar Njai from announcing the results. This was when he (Jammeh) realized that the results were not in his favor. The order was never executed. 

It was laughable to see Jammeh on a teleconferenced call pandering with President elect Barrow shortly after the results were announced. Jammeh is a false pretender. He still stand by his statement that a Mandinka President will never take charge of this country. He is working with General Badjie and co, to hijack Barrow’s victory.

On Friday, Jammeh’s posters were being vandalized in the streets of Banjul and the Kombos. General Badjie wanted to deploy security on the ground to confront the jubilant opposition supporters, but the order was reversed at the eleventh hour. Now, reports from the State House have it that a dawn to dusk curfew is about to be imposed.

We are living in a critical moment of our nation’s unprecedented political revolution. Jammeh’s enablers, and loyalists thought that they have been thrown under the bus by Jammeh. Jammeh’s failure to annul the results of the elections doesn’t go down well with them. Many of them have blood in their hands. They know that they cannot walk scot free in a post Jammeh administration. They will do anything under the sun to subvert the will of the people.  Gambians should defend President Adama Barrow’s victory.

Meanwhile, in another development, four trucks filled with soldiers have left Kanilai, for Banjul. The Alliance and President elect Adama Barrow are at the risk of having their electoral victory hijacked. In coming hours, the Internet and international lines are likely to be disconnected by soldiers.  

In another development, unimpeachable sources reaching us said the Alliance is likely going to be offered covert security protection by some Senegalese security agents now towards the inauguration day. Senegal should come to the alliance’s rescue before the up to no good uneducated solders seize power. There is an imminent threat on President elect Barrow’s elector victory. Watch this space for more update.  

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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