The battle has been won.  Like many who called and wrote, you have been vindicated. History, as I told you before, has recorded you positively. Thank you to Freedom News Inc.
The battle continues, and much as we call for reconciliation, we need to remember Jammeh’s victims have the greater say in forgiving the tyrant. Jammeh has the biggest burden to begin the process.  His fake behavior during his conversation with Barrow is misleading.  He is not genuine.  His hands were forced to accept defeat.  The healing process begins with a genuine Yahya Jammeh addressing the nation with a message of “sorry”, and then followed by meeting the victims personally to say sorry and hand dead bodies for decent burials in the likes of Solo Sandeng.  For the Daba Marenahs, Deyda Hydaras, Ebou Lowes, and others, they deserve a full explanation or judicial inquiry.  These cannot be brushed under the carpet and people asked to move on.  Gambia’s peaceful reconciliation begins with Jammeh making the first move by saying the truth.
It is also interesting that after being defeated, Jammeh’s apologists and our so-called pacifists bought into the idea of Jammeh portraying himself as a hero by magnanimously calling Barrow and putting that on national TV.  Those moments are attempts to fool our people, typical of Jammeh’s lies in the past 22 years.  What followed after that broadcast was Yankuba Colley, Seedy Njie and the APRC media apparatus twisting the narrative why Gambians turned their backs on Jammeh.  But they have failed.
Gambians should know that Jammeh wanted our country to go in flames.  He never accepted the results, and went further to threaten Alieu Momar Njie if he had gone ahead to announce the results.  That is the reason why there was a long suspense in the result announcement.  The results were meant to be known before midnight as Mr. Njie’s deputy had informed the public before.  
As a result of Jammeh’s threats, Mr. Njie had to engage the US Ambassador, who went ahead to contact the United Nations Resident Coordinator, ECOWAS through its Chairperson, President Buhari, former President Obasanjo, and former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.  These officials categorically laid out the rule for Jammeh that ECOWAS and Senegal will not allow Gambia descend into violence and Jammeh will be held responsible, just like his friend Gbargbo.  Senior Senegalese military and intelligence officers also warned the CDS Badgie and the NIA’s Yankuba Badgie that Senegal was on standby to step in if Jammeh threatens the peace and security of the region.  So Jammeh had no choice but to negotiate his exit.  It was then that he assured the country’s National Security Council that he will accept defeat.  So clearly, the rule book was laid and he had to play ball.
In concluding, Gambians should not be naive and accept the image of Jammeh appearing gracious.  His hands were forced and he does not have anywhere to go.  He is the cold-blooded murderer we knew and had for 22 years.  Gambians should not allow him to determine the future.  But he can play a bigger part by first apologising publicly and meeting his many victims.  This will be a good start in the healing process.
Thank you for the space once again.  Together we build a better Gambia for our grandchildren.    
Written By An Insider 
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