Disgraced former Inspector General of police, Essa Badjie, had joined coalition supporters in victory celebrations in the aftermath of Jammeh’s defeat.

Essa Badjie had served the erstwhile dictator for several years before he was axed for alleged corruption and abuse of office. He was subsequently pardoned but it seems the acerbity and bitterness for his former boss lingers .

A reliable source told freedom that Essa Badjie had not been able to find it in his heart to forgive the once strong man for the ignominy and torture meted out on him.

He explained: ” Essa Badjie was arrested and held in Mile 2. He was tortured during his detention which had left him with physical and emotional scars. Jammeh has left a trail of broken and bitter people which will hunt him for the rest of his life “.

The source further indicated that Jammeh is paranoid about his security given the human rights abuses he committed against Gambians for which he may face revenge , hence the accent on reconciliation in his speech.

Written By Sainey Darboe

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