Pa, This is The Soldier. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, as predicted monster Jammeh, cannot be trusted and all his sweet talk and conceding was to give him time to solidify his plans and plots. Right now, as we speak there is chaos at the Banjul Navy. According to the DCC state house agent, monster Jammeh gave directives to disarm all MANDIKA soldiers and this was relayed to Saul Badjie. A DCC agent witnessed Saul Badjie calling Silla Kujabi, who is the Navy boss. Sillah Kujabi has passed this instruction to disarm all the MANDIKA soldiers, who are refusing to do so. Unless something changes, there is going to be bloodshed at the Banjul Navy and across all the military barracks. Monster Jammeh has executed an order to disarm every Mandika to surrender all their weapons. Monster Jammeh’s speech should not be taken seriously at all, it is all a decoy.

Sillah Kujabi, who is a childhood friend of monster Jammeh, has started disarming soldiers and it is not going well. The top loyalists had a meeting with monster Jammeh that they cannot afford to surrender. Saul Badjie and others said that it is not safe, once they handover power then they will be arrested and they rather fight to death. Late this evening, around 5 trucks arrived from Kanilai and the soldiers on board are not Gambians. The soldiers are divided and if monster Jammeh doesn’t change his mind there is going to be bloodshed. Sillah Kujabi is shocked that the MANDIKA soldiers are refusing to disarm. Sillah Kujabi the international community is watching you and your name has been compiled.

During election night, dictator Jammeh delayed the election results and gave directives for the election to be rigged and people we cannot mentioned for now refused. This is why there was a delay on the results. During the election night devil Zeinab was crying and begged monster Jammeh to depart for Mauritania but dictator Jammeh refused. Dictator Jammeh told Saul Badjie that he will fight all the way to death and they should all prepare for the worst. The last two days he has been watching the social media videos and has compiled a list of people he will target. He complained that they betrayed him.

Right now, as we speak devil Zeinab, has packed everything and will leave Banjul on Sunday, for the United States. The soldiers should not allow her to leave the country; they should not allow her to use the state plane. Once Zeinab is out then monster Jammeh will go to Kanilai and that is when he will execute phase two of his plot. Saul Badjie and dictator Jammeh will not step down or handover the country peacefully. DCC can confirm this to you and DCC is begging the coalition not to believe the lies coming from monster Jammeh. The coalition should appeal to the international community to deploy foreign troops, Senegal should be allowed to invade the Gambian and protect the coalition. They should disarm monster Jammeh and Saul Badjie. There are a lot of weapons in Kanilai and the international community should make sure that all the weapons are surrendered. Monster Jammeh has more than 200 personal weapons. Since election day a lot of soldiers are refusing to take any orders from the current government and they are divided.

Monster Jammeh’s family members are on the verge of absconding. A majority of the Jammeh family left lately to use the back way and some of them already made it to Italy. The remaining who are living with monster Jammeh’s mother are all planning on leaving soon. Monster Jammeh’s mother is still seriously sick and under shock. 

Fellow Gambians, until and unless President Adama Barrow is officially in the state house, the STRUGGLE is FAR from OVER. The coalition should be vigilant and be security conscious.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, SOLO SANDENG, MILE-2 NINE, and December 2014 Martyrs.

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