Bissimilahi Rahman Rahim, We thank Allah for delivering us from the shackles of SLAVERY. We thank the people of the Gambia for showing unraveled determinations to be FREE from bondage at last peacefully and democratically.

We thank the Diaspora Community and organizations and more specially the online radios and newspapers for their steadfastness and campaign in seeing our homeland rejoin the civilize nations of this world.

We thank the Coalition on the ground for galvanizing and vigorously campaigning the electorate to finally vote Yaya Jammeh out of office.

We thank the GDC for chopping extremely hard the roots and branches of the APRC regime and reducing its voting numbers from +400000 votes in 2011 to little over 200000 in 2016.

We thank the authorities and media of Senegal for sensitizing her People not to participate in Gambia’s elections thus contributing in reducing the total number of vote cast from +600000 in 2011 to less than 500000 votes in 2016.

We thank the IEC for conducting free and fair elections. We thank the many underground government civil servants within the system working very hard for making sure people are free and safe during the whole election process.

I now IMPLORE the President elect Adama Barrow to be TRUE to his AGREEMENT with his colleagues and the Gambian people at large. I wish him good health and wisdom to complete the MISSION entrusted to him by the Gambian people.

Let the national anthem be our guidance.

Praise Be to Allah.

Now there are several factors that made this election very special. Why did Jammeh lost the elections is subject to lot of sociopolitical analyses that will last for weeks but basically centered around the following points.

1- why the drastic reductions in the total vote cast in 2016 compared to 2011?

2- why the drastic reductions from Jammeh’s votes in 2011 compared to 2016?

3- Why Gambian voters gave Jammeh about 40% of the vote cast this year?

4- why where the soldiers failed, the civilians succeeded?

5- Why Yaya Jammeh conceded defeat without bloodshed?

6- why did the GDC opted for going alone in this election and its impacts on the results?

Certainly Gambians made history that will be recorded the Guinness book of Records by voting out a dictator peacefully and democratically in the eye of the world. It is the first of its kind.

As for me Baboucarr Bojang, I will in due course grant a special interview to Freedom radio very soon Inshallah. I wrote several articles for Freedom since 2009 and the time has come to unveil the mask.

The Soldier has also done tremendous contributions in informing Gambians and the world about Jammeh and his system and hopefully he or she will also unveil the mask in due course.

Gambia how does FREEDOM feel?

Thank you all.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang.

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