This is the second time in 9 years that I address to you a special tribute. The first tribute was 4 years ago when your family was forcefully paraded on GRTS to disown you. They made you indeed stronger and more determined to end dictatorship.

Mbai newThe present tribute is to acknowledge your magnanimity to pardon those that wrong you and ask the pardon of those you have wronged. This action is called a Godly act.

As believers enjoined by GOD to repent even when you did not commit serious wrongs is a source for elevation and wisdom.

Pa I remember 9 years ago I gave you two advices, 1- to never to have anything to do with a married woman and 2- to never take someone else’s money. These two qualities have earned you more respect and esteem and today you can hold your head high by being an honest peacemaker and a positive forward thinker.

Thank you and May GOD bless and guide you further.

Pa, your last Sunday ‘Leral show’ made me write this second tribute that shows who you are to both your enemies and friends. Never fear your enemies and never cajole your friends beyond the truth.

Gambians have written a new page in the history of the Gambia and your name shall ever remain in the books of key game changers to restore freedom back in the Gambia.

Now that the Gambians have elected a new president, it behooves on him to be the father of the nation and not the president of a group of people. President Adama Barrow does not and will never know over 95% of the people who secretly voted for him. Amongst his voters there are Sarahuleh, Wollof, Aku, Jola, Fula, Serer, Manjack, Mandinkas, Muslims, Christians and Pagans. As such president elect Adama Barrow should be the protector of all Gambians and foreigners living amongst us. GOD shall verily ask him how he treated his people and will judge him according to his actions.

Jammeh is no more responsible for the future of Gambians but will also account for the past either to us and to GOD or to GOD alone as GOD is the giver and taker of life. People die every minute and Jammeh is not immortal and can die even before going to trial. We all know how he governed the Gambia for the past 22 years.

President Barrow’s message should be the opposite of Jammeh’s message. Jammeh always preach fear with arrogance and we Gambians expect Barrow to preach peace and respect. Like Jammeh back in 1994, Gambians in our large majority do not know who Barrow is. Only time will show us the true colors of our new president.

One new gift GOD has given to Gambians is the discovery of the power of our voting cards. Our freedom will never be compromise again beyond 5 years. So let all presidents now and in the future factor this in the dispensation of the mandate of the people. People power is here to stay forever.

Once again Pa thank you for a job well done.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang.

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