Gambia: Breaking News: IEC Says Election Results Contain Errors-Both President Elect Barrow And Jammeh Had Their Numbers Reduced


Gambia’s Electoral Chairman Alieu Mamar Njai, has just announced that the original results of the just ended Presidential elections contains some errors, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The initial announced results stated that Mr. Adama Barrow captured 43.9% of the total votes cast, whilst incumbent dictator Jammeh got 40.4% votes. Mama Kandeh, of the newly formed political party—The Gambia Democratic Congress Party GDC got 15.7% votes.

Now the new results read as follows, per an announcement made by the IEC Chairman today:  Adama Barrow of the opposition alliance had a depreciation of .9$ opposed to his original 43.9%. He current electoral results stands at 43%, according to Mr. Njai, while incumbent Jammeh also suffered an electoral performance depreciation. Jammeh, who was at 40.4% now had 40% percent of the votes cast.  He lost .4% of the results earlier announced by the commission. 

The GDC Leader Mama Kandeh, who was at 15.7% performance had an additional votes. He is now at 17% percent, the commission said.

Mr. Barrow is still leading. Sources have it that it is not clear how the IEC came up with the  recount results without the presence of political parties. We are monitoring developments. 

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