Dear Armed Forces of the Gambia,

Any attempt by our men and women in uniform to defy the democratic process and the will of the people, will lead to a destructive human loss in the history of the Gambia. The role of your service as defence forces partly is to defend the nation, the people and the rule of law. General Saul Badjie, General Musa Savage, Major General Ousman Badjie and the Head of Navy our Country and its people in the meantime need your duty and responsibilities to reflect in practice.

You have blood running in your souls, with families, children and of course collaterals in the Gambia with a lot at stake, considering the political climate with the recent presidential election won by President elect of the opposition Coalition candidate.

Your Country needs you more than you could imagine, closing the chapter on a twenty-two year rule of the APRC government in the interest of peace and stability through peaceful and impartial transition of power to President Elect Adama Barrow, as stipulated in the Gambian constitution.

Your allegiances as defence force includes, defending your Country, the people and the rule of law. The people of The Gambia will held you accountable at all cost in the event of a defence betrayal to protect the Country, the people and the rule of law. The Gambian Diasporans are on the stand still with Freedom Radio and those on the ground in the Gambia, who already sacrifice a lot to witness a return to a peaceful civil society and the rule of law. The ongoing political process of transition to power is being closely monitored in solidarity with the people of the Gambia and their International counterparts, for national building that the electorates has demonstrated in the election outcome under intense fear and intimidation.

The safety of the new executive members to be and the people of the Gambia and those living or with interest in the country should be guaranteed security and Safety and under your responsibility as the head of military, you are needed at this fragile stage of our political situation as a nation. The recent presidential results are a testimony on the path of Gambians to choose their own destiny without the barrel of the guns.

This is no game as Gambians renew means of doing political business which was massively shown on the election results as we set a new Era and a pathway to renewed rule of law in the Gambia. The strategies of inducing fear on our people to submerge the current affairs of the state are bygones political history of the past. Many Gambians and non alike both at home and the Diaspora had sacrifice to do just what is right in many ways and means to witness a new Gambia returning to the “smiling coast” than the “smelly cast”, Bravo to Freedom Newspaper and Radio online, Pa Nderry Mbye for the media revolution and empowerment to restore democracy and rule of law. 

Long live the Gambia, Long live the people of the Gambia, Long live freedom Newspaper and Radio.

Kind Regards,

Written By Honest Soul

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