It is now emerging that Yaya Jammeh’s movements have been severely restricted and all indications are that there is an unannounced palace coup. It seems Jammeh’s powers have been taken away from him by the Generals in the Security Council consisting of the Interior Minister, the CDS, the Inspector General of Police, the Commander Presidential Guards, the Director General NIA, the Director General Immigration, the Commander Gambia Navy and the Inspect General in the army amongst others.

According to credible sources President Jammeh’s intention to rig the vote started when he shut down all external communications a day before the election which was meant to suppress any opposition protest with live bullets following the announcement of his own results. This prompted the concerned generals to act and averted a serious bloodbath. They are now officially empowered with the responsibility of Commander-in-Chief pending the official inauguration of President-elect Mr. Adama Barrow. A wise move that saved hundreds of lives.

The revised election results

The corrected version of the results still puts Barrow in the lead consistent with our polls reported days before the election. Barrow now has 43%, Jammeh 40% and Kandeh 17%. This compares closely with the prediction reported in the Freedom Newspaper the day before the election. However, Mama Kandeh’s surprising victories in Jokado, Upper and Lower Nuimis which were not included in our tally created the variation. But the prediction of 40% for Jammeh was spot on. As reported by the IEC the corrected results did not affect the win for Adama Barrow.

It’s Time to Turn the Corner

Apart from his poor human rights record, one of the thing that suffered the most during Yaya Jammeh’s 22-year rule is the raping of our constitution. Jammeh has succeeded in altering most of the entrenched clauses in the Gambian constitution to suit his needs without seeking endorsement from the people and until the Constitution is revised to accommodate all those issues raised during the campaign period including repealing some of those obnoxious laws passed to entrench Jammeh in power, it will be judicially prudent to avoid making any further reference to a Constitution that has been raped, abused and violated throughout the time of Jammeh’s rule.

Let us beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing

As President- elect Mr. Adama Barrow and his team are working towards establishing a good cabinet, there is an elite corps of ‘Yes Sir’ technocrats claiming to be experts in everything that has to do with public and private enterprises management. The so-called experts have exceptional skills in lobbying Cabinet ministers to sit in all the boards of the public enterprises so that they can influence the awarding of contracts to their business partners or friends. These are the same group of people who crippled the para-statals in Jawara’s era and have been complicit in the flagrant abuse of public corporation resources during Jammeh’s rein. Today, most of their children are occupying important positions in State house or the corporations they have served as board members. They are good in fanning the flames of corruption in any new situations. So let’s watch out for sycophants, chancers, hangers-on and place seekers while we work to rebuild our country.

Release of Lawyer Darboe

The release of Lawyer Darboe and 18 others on bail is welcome development. It will be understatement to say that Mr. Darboe is a peace-loving political leader who believes so much in our justice system. That justice system had let him down. But we noted that even in prison, the UDP structure was functioning effectively under the indefatigable deputy leader of a woman we now called ‘Mama Gambia’. We wait and see whether APRC has such formidable party structures to survive the defeat of its leader.

Our aunt and mama was everywhere crisscrossing the country lending support to her arrested party militants, issuing press statements drawing international attention to the illegality of the detention of her party supporters whilst ignoring all mundane threats from Jammeh’s thugs. In fact thanks to her foresight, Adama Barrow was elected UDP party leader during the past congress and today, we now have a president loved and admired by not only Gambians, but is being applauded by the whole world.

(It is deliberate on my part to avoid mentioning her name for obvious reasons. This write up is not to look for rewards. It is only intended in telling the truth.)

Avoid bloated bureaucracy

One positive thing outstanding in President Jammeh’s administration was the urgency to get things done quickly. Sometime using fast-track authority in emergency situations work. The only drawback is that too much power wrested on his shoulders. This new administration should be mindful of unnecessary red-tapes which can affect the effective delivery of services or the timely achievement of goals/results under strenuous environments.

Nonetheless we welcome an all-inclusive government ready to bring genuine democracy to all Gambians. We are sitting in pins and needles awaiting the official inauguration of the President elect to steer the affairs of the country successfully in the next three years.

Whether Yaya Jammeh is under house arrest or not, what is clear is that his conspicuous absence since the announcement of the results is generating all sorts of stories. But whatever measures is taken to restrict his movements is good for the country.

May Allah give Mr. Barrow and his team the strength to run the country .

God Bless The Gambia.

Written By Insider Analyst.

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