Dear Pa,

From the outset, my conscience for not supporting the Opposition led-Coalition Government and or Jammeh has been proven. My support has been for Mamma Kandeh to win a simple majority and assume the mantle of presidency. The Gambia, we all know cannot afford the likes of xxx Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang. My reasons are today, when I entered a shop in the UK, grabbed the Guardian Newspaper and saw a shocking and threatening message from Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang that they the present Government who are still based at Paradise Estate not State House will arrest Jammeh for crimes committed soon.

Fatoumatta Tambajang speaksThe problem with this Government is, Adama Barrow will not be in charge of the presidency but rather Lawyer Darboe, who UDP supporters still believe should be president. Adama Barrow will also be directed by Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang as well. 

If you have too many presidents in a country, an irresponsible statement like that of Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang is likely to happen always. 

Why not wait until Jammeh hands over. Why not wait for Adama Barrow to appoint her? As far as we know, none of the group members have a say in the Barrow’s government. Their agreement is not binding to Gambians and shall not bind Barrow as far as his tenure of five years is concerned.

That was why NADD was brought in the failure of the first coalition. Simple law they cannot analyse. In our constitution, the term limit is FIVE years and not three years. The coalition agreement cannot change a constitutional provision if they do they are no better than Jammeh.

A case in example is Senegal, when President Sall wanted to curtail his term limit, Senegalese refused and asked for a public opinion through voting.

Pa, my fears are this new government will spark violence all over in the Gambia starting from offices. In Gambia, a particular tribe has started asserting authority. This is not about tribe it is about the Gambia.

Another thing is when they want to unveil their plans for Jammeh, Barrow may not be sworn in as president (Allah forbid). Foroyaa has already committed the most unforgivable crime by putting words into Adama Barrow as to whether he will retain the cabinet. Barrow’s respond is too early. Now all the ministers, Government officials know full well that the new government will go after them and Jammeh. Do you think, Sheriff Bojang will help you with information by virtue of his office? Do you think Yankuba BadJie NIA will tell you how Solo Sandeng was Killed because you said he WILL NOT WORK WITH HIM? DO YOU THINK THE ARMY GENERALS WILL PROTECT YOU, OPEN OUR BOARDER FOR ANY FOREIGN TROOP to enter and secure Barrow?



Jammeh winning might have been a mourning period for Gambia from the 02 December until next year or even for another five years. He would have arrested, detain and jail many followers. He would have prosecuted Adama Barrow for economic crimes for added taxes for his business etc.

Now with the reconciliatory Mamma KANDEH MESSAGES, A PEACEFUL GAMBIA, SMOOTH TRANSITION AND RECOVERY OF ALL our assets from Jammeh and peaceful arrest and prosecutions of Jammeh in the Gambia would have been achieved.

I am not supporting the last favorite Mamma Kandeh but supports his message and ideas for a peaceful Gambia.

Who can disarm Jammeh inside Kanilai? Not even Senegal. Ask the Soldiers. No weapon that can threaten the Police Headquarters is inside State House, Yundum and Fajara camps.

All the dangerous weapons are inside Kanilai and not accessible to other tribes. Put this into your brains. Only Saul Badjie and Jammeh – loyalists knows his bunkers and treasures. 

Smooth transition we call for and not the way Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang has started with.

Once again, Adama Barrow is elected to rule for FIVE years and not 3 years. No agreement outside can change the constitution. Also he is not obligated to follow their agreement in appointing any one. His powers are well defined by the constitution which as we speak is still in place.

Handle Jammeh’s exit with caution!!!

Written BY A Concerned Security officer

Editors note: The views of the author do not necessarily represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention. 

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