Dear Freedom Newspaper Editors,

First of all, congratulations. Your country’s successfully free and fair election has injected much needed optimism into the bloodstream of African democracy.

Second, I am reaching out to you because I work with Nigerian banking billionaire Tony Elumelu through his pan-African foundation that is focused on fostering inclusive and sustainable economic development and entrepreneurship throughout the continent.  I also run a research project at New York University where I also teach about African economic development. 

We would like to be a resource to the incoming President as he thinks about how to organize his government based on his and the coalition’s policy priorities.  We have a great deal of expertise and experience on these matters and are prepared to be in The Gambia as soon as needed if there is any interest.

Would you be willing to put me in contact with the President-Elect’s advisors so I can discuss this with them?  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.




David A. Rice


NYU Center for Global Affairs

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